‘Friends’ Parody Videos Go Viral: ‘Friends’ Characters As Hipsters Or Puppies [Videos]

Friends parody: done well, it’s something that will always be in demand. Ever since the decade-long run of Friends came to an end in 2004, fans have been seeking out ways to get over their fixation with the show. And as Eyewitness News mentioned, the show was such a hit that that new Friends parody videos continue to surface, and many of them go on to become viral videos. With the show long finished, die-hard Friends fans have little to do but make parody videos or wait for the much-anticipated Friends reunion.

This year, we have seen two such Friends parody videos finding their way to popular culture, and as the avid Friends fans that we were (and still are), we bring them to you to relive your favorite memories and to see different takes on the hit show.

Hipster Friends Parody

Perhaps one of the reasons Friends did so well was because the six characters did not have modern gadgetry at their disposal. Imagine Joey having a smartphone, for example – our guess is he would have spent the entire time playing Candy Crush – when he wasn’t on Tinder, of course. But a group of real-life friends went ahead and imagined it anyway and what they came up with is side-splittingly funny.

Called “Friends Rebooted,” this video was uploaded on YouTube by a bunch of friends who go by the name Nerdist. Updated with today’s technology and fashion, this clip shows all the six Friends characters as selfie-obsessed hipsters, who have nothing better to do than to keep themselves amused with their phones.

But it is the reworking of the title song by The Rembrandts that deserves a special mention in this Friends parody video. The tune remains the same yet the lyrics have been rewritten to address today’s preoccupations.

“No one told you life was gonna be this way, your Tinder profile sucks and you spilled your almond milk latte…”

Watch this entire Friends parody here.

As Eyewitness News noted, watching Friends these days is like take a step back in time, to a world where people communicated face to face (or with landline phones) and social media was all but non-existent.

Puppies Friends Parody

This Friends parody video is one is for the animal lovers.

Recently, Buzzfeed reshot the entire opening of Friends using adorable puppies as substitutes for the six main characters.

According to Metro, the meticulous casting process for the video was done by Buzzfeed in conjunction with Pet Rescue New York, a non-profit organization that aims to rehabilitate homeless pets, and in the process, sometimes manages to turn them into Hollywood stars.

The switching of the names in this Friends parody to befit the characters is hilarious – Matt Le Blanc is called Matt Le Bark, while Jennifer Aniston is called Jenni-Fur Aniston. But the funniest bit? Matthew Perry stars as himself.

We can never have too much Chandler, can we?

Watch the full video here.

Which Friends parody did you enjoy most? Please comment with any other Friends parody videos that you’ve enjoyed.

[Photo: YouTube, Buzzfeed]