Is The New iPod Touch An iPhone Without A Phone?

The new iPod Touch came out this month, and critics are raving about its capabilities. Gizmag believes it is a top-notch product.

“The new iPod touch is a more attractive product than you might expect. It doesn’t get any lighter or thinner than its predecessor (from way back in 2012), but it does hang onto the same awesome build while taking a huge step forward in raw power and camera quality.”

The review goes on to note that even though the need for an iPod Touch has become questionable, the device is a perfect buy for kids whose parents don’t want them to have full iPhones. Ars Technica likes the new iPod Touch, as well.

“It’s still smaller and its lack of TouchID or cellular makes it less versatile than a smartphone, of course, but the new iPod Touch is a surprisingly impressive update for a product tucked away in a tiny, vanishing corner of the iOS ecosystem.”

The review goes on to state that the improvements to the new iPod Touch include more than an updated processor, it also has a better 8MP camera, upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a new 128GB storage option, and an M8 motion coprocessor.

Sascha Segan of PCMag gave the new iPod Touch four-and-a-half stars.

“There’s nothing like the touch if you want a handheld media player that doesn’t require a phone subscription. This is the most power-per-dollar you can get in a truly handheld form factor, and it runs gorgeous games, high-quality media apps, and even Microsoft Office.”

The review, like others, adds that the device is a great tool for kids. It also praises the Wi-Fi performance and the overall build of the device.

The very first iPod Touch came out in 2007 as an alternative to those who weren’t ready to switch to the iPhone. However, it wasn’t quite “the iPhone without the phone.” The screen was dimmer, the viewing angles were off, and the device wasn’t nearly as powerful. It also didn’t have a camera like the first iPhone did in 2007.

Upcoming generations would fix the screen problem, but the devices were still far slower than the iPhone that was released around the same time. Finally, the 5th Generation iPod Touch, released in 2012, offered an experience near the levels of the current iPhone. Unfortunately, by then, most people had iPhones. The fact that Apple actually upgraded the iPod Touch again after three years surprised a lot of people. Do you have the new iPod Touch? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Gizmag]