Play ‘GTA V’ Via iPhone Or Laptop Browser

Everyone is raving about Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) for PC, but a lot of gamers are getting left out of the latest GTA V and GTA Online hullaballoo because they don’t have the right hardware to run a powerful and huge game like GTA V. But fret no more, because GTA V is right at the edge of your fingertips with the new program launched to stream the biggest of games like GTA V on your workday laptop or even iPhone or Android smartphone.

Geek reports that this new program will be capable of streaming games like GTA V that would normally bring countless of laptops and PC to their knees. Called the jsmpeg-vnc, this small Windows tool is able to stream games like GTA V to your laptop or iPhone with minimum lag and no crashes. Jsmpeg-vnc might sound like a fishy name for such a handy app, but do not judge this program by its name, because this weird-sounding name represents miracles.

How exactly will you be able to stream GTA V or GTA Online through the jsmpeg-vnc? The Jsmpeg-vnc is a tiny program, written in C language, that captures the screen at 60fps and then easily encodes it into an MPEG1 video that could be streamed to your laptop, iPhone, or Android phone. You will just need a laptop or smartphone that’s decent enough to decode the stream in JavaScript to be able to use your browser to connect to the stream over WebSockets.

Phoboslab published a video on how the jsmpeg-vnc could work, streaming various games like GTA V on a normal laptop and even an iPhone. Geek reports that you can still have the full GTA V gaming experience, since the jsmpeg-vnc produces minimal lag and enables you to play GTA V with a keyboard and mouse. The only thing that you need to worry about when playing huge games like GTA V on this program is network congestion, but since it’s a local network tool only, it’s pretty easy to control.

Jsmpeg-vnc was created by Phoboslab, and they share that the program was inspired by a previous blog post on running your own cloud gaming service using VPN and Steam’s In-Home Streaming. It is also quite similar to the Nvidia GameStream technology, which is able to stream games like GTA V from the PC with a GeForce GPU to Shield devices. But the good thing about Jsmpeg-vnc is that it can enable you to play GTA V, among others, on any device—from laptop to iPhone to Android phones.

Whoever said that you could not enjoy the full GTA V PC gaming experience using an iPhone?

[Images screenshots of jsmpeg-vnc video]