Alanna Masterson Pregnancy Causes Alarm For ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans: Is Tara Dying?

Alanna Masterson is pregnant. The actress stars as Tara on The Walking Dead, and her announcement on Tuesday has fans wondering if Season 6 of the AMC series will see the death of her character Tara.

According to Hollywood Life, Alanna announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a photo of herself taken by her boyfriend. The photo shows her baby bump clearly. She captioned it with “Guess what …”

Brick Stowell, her boyfriend, also shared a photo of the pair on his Instagram, and his photo makes it even more clear that his girlfriend is pregnant. She is wearing a bikini in the Instagram snap, and he captioned that photo with “Baby Season.” This is Alanna’s first child.

Alanna had been hiding her baby bump in recent weeks, and she had been very creative about it. She had used various objects, including a soda cup, to hide her baby bump. However, in recent days, she had shown off her diet, and it was clear that she was eating for two.

Fans are excited about her pregnancy news, but many fans are also concerned about the fate of Tara on the series. Actors on the show know that their time to die can come at any time. Characters come and go plenty on The Walking Dead, and Norman Reedus might have allowed a huge spoiler to slip at a recent Q&A for the series.

The spoiler did not involve Tara, but Reedus, the actor behind Daryl Dixon, did allow another potential major character death slip, according to Movie Pilot. The cast was talking about the character they would like to see still alive on the series, and Reedus yelled out Glenn. Everyone was surprised by his outburst, and someone spoke up to say that Glenn is still alive on the series currently.

However, that could have been a statement to cover up Reedus’ slip. Glenn was alive at the end of The Walking Dead Season 5. He was also featured in the Walking Dead trailer from Comic-Con shared by a previous Inquistr report.

For fans wondering if a pregnancy for Alanna means the death of Tara, there is some reason to relax. Sonequa Martin-Green revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in February the ways the series hid her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby in January, and her character survived the real-life pregnancy.

“It’s actually been great. I’m really blessed to have a great pregnancy. I’m not swollen or blown up anywhere else. I’m very grateful for that. It’s helped hide the whole thing, because it’s really just my stomach we have to deal with. For the longest time, just the layers that I’m wearing would hide the whole thing. And my gun is really big, so that helps too. So it’s been okay, and now at this point it’s about just doing good right angles and not turning to a full profile. As long as I’m face-on, there’s a trick of the camera—you can’t quite see it.”

Alanna has spoken about her character in interviews, and she knows that Tara will eventually die on the series. When Tara’s death comes, Alanna Masterson wants to have Tara go out in a big way. Design & Trend shared her comments.

“I think about that all the time. I do funny things, I’m like, ‘I hope they burn me at the stake!’ or like, ‘I hope they throw a grenade on me and I explode!’ I want to have an epic death. I don’t even care if it makes sense in the story line. Voldemort could show up with a wand and kill me and they’d be like, ‘Wait, huh? Why are wizards here?’ I’m not going out in some p***y fashion. I’m going big or go home! Literally. ‘Go home, Alanna!’”

In a more recent interview shared just last month by Three If by Space, Alanna touched on her “I might die every episode” mentality once again.

“I go to work grateful every day and I leave work grateful every day. I’m excited for the time I have and if that time goes, it would be a wonderful chapter in my life. I try to keep a positive attitude about it and it’s a good thing to keep in mind.”

Tara Chambler has two distinct honors on The Walking Dead. She was the first LBGT character on the series, and she was also the first character adapted from the novels for the series. Tara first appeared on the AMC series in 2013.

From Alanna’s recent photo shares on Instagram, it is clear that she excited about her pregnancy. What do you think about Alanna Masterson’s pregnancy news? Does this mean the end for Tara on The Walking Dead?

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]