A ‘Married With Children’ Reboot Is In The Works, Which Original Cast Members Are In?

Married with Children co-star David Faustino confirmed that Sony is trying to iron out some legalities in order to get a reboot of Married on the air.

During an interview at the red carpet premiere for his Married with Children sister Christina Applegate’s new film, Vacation, Faustino stated, “Sony has it. They’re excited about it. They’re working out some legal issues that we hope they work out.” The Married announcement comes on the heels of other reboots from the nineties including Boy Meets World and Full House.

Married with Children was a sitcom that focused on the exploits of the raunchy yet likable Bundy family. Married ran for eleven seasons and was considered a lifesaver for the Fox network which struggled to compete with the top three networks at that time.

Though Married with Children was never a big winner in the ratings, it had a loyal fan base, and the controversy surrounding the show’s sexual overtones resulted in a vocal boycott movement because of Married‘s purported disparaging of American family values.

Ironically, while public outcry today over controversial shows such as Nineteen Kids and Counting has resulted in their removal from programming, the Married with Children boycott increased the show’s ratings and popularity, making Al and Peg Bundy pop culture icons.

There’s no word yet as to when the new Married project will get under way but the new Married has been rumored to follow the life of Faustino’s character Bud Bundy. Is he married with children? Possibly.

And a show centered on Bud Buddy is certain to do better than the last (and long forgotten) Married with Children spin off Top of the Heap. But what would this plot mean for the rest of the Married cast?

Well Married with Children‘s patriarch, Al Bundy, is played by Ed O’Neill and O’Neill is the patriarch of a new family–a Modern Family to be exact. And even though Married matriarch, Peg Bundy, portrayed by Katey Sagal, just wrapped up seven seasons on the Sons of Anarchy, she’s already knee deep in a new series called the The Bastard Executioner.

Still, Christina Applegate, Faustino’s Married with Children co-star, wanted to be sure to give a glimmer of hope to the die hard Married fans. When asked about the possibility of a spin off, Applegate speaking of her support for Faustino’s idea stated, “All of us have said we would all be there for him,” thus leaving the door wide open for a Bundy family reunion.

So plop on the couch, put up your feet, and stick your hand in the waistband of your pants, Married with Children fans. Hopefully Al Bundy will be joining you in no time.

[Image courtesy of www.DavidFaustino.com.]