Liam Neeson Frail: Actor’s Frail Frame In New York City Causes Concern

Liam Neeson was looking frail while out and about in New York City last week, and it has many people worried. According to Yahoo! News, the actor looked almost unrecognizable, dressed down in sweatpants and a baseball cap, and was far less buff than he appears in the Taken films. Just weeks before, Liam Neeson was seen visiting the Ronald McDonald House in New York looking “healthy.”

The site points out that Neeson’s dramatic weight loss could be for a new film (though his last two films are already in post-production, according to IMDb), but could not confirm whether or not this was the case.

“In his next film appearance, Silence, directed by Martin Scorsese, Neeson is taking the lead role as Father Cristóvão Ferreira and he’s also playing a Monster in A Monster Calls, both films have entered the post-production stages and are scheduled for release in 2016,” reports Yahoo! News.

Liam Neeson’s frail appearance is shocking, but his rep insists that he’s healthy and that there isn’t anything serious going on. News Australia confirms that the 63-year-old father of two does indeed look very thin, but he’s not sick, according to his rep.

“He has just completed work on one film and starts another in September. [He’s] never been healthier.”

Interestingly enough, Liam says that he’d like to retire soon and that his career in filmmaking will likely end within the next two years.

“Maybe two more years – if God spares me, and I’m healthy,” he said recently.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Liam Neeson celebrated his birthday last month. He recently became an American citizen and spends a good amount of his time talking about his anti-gun and anti-violence views.

“[He] uses his celebrity platform to address these issues in press conferences and public forums. His concerns focus on children being killed in schools and the ease people have in America to get guns for personal use. Neeson is careful to lay blame on the arts when it comes to violence,” reports the Inquisitr.

Liam Neeson may look frail, but he is very strong-minded, and he’s not afraid to voice his opinion on controversial issues. Are you a fan of his?

[Photo by Neilson Barnard / Getty Images]