Liam Neeson, Birthday: Actor Turns 63

Liam Neeson turns 63 today – June 7, and he shows no signs of slowing down with age. The actor has starred in the Taken movie franchise over the past few years, showing his ability to take on action roles with ease.

Besides fighting and torturing Albanian mobsters who have kidnapped his daughter and successfully using his hands to cause some damage, Liam Neeson is a bit more calm in real life.

To celebrate the Irish actor’s birthday, Irish Central featured some unique fun facts about Liam Neeson.

Before becoming a leading man in Hollywood, Neeson participated in amateur boxing from the age of 9 until his late teens. He later got to meet Muhammad Ali when he became a celebrity.

Liam Neeson also worked for Ireland’s beer company, Guinness. Before making it big with Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg discovered Neeson when he acted alongside his late wife, Natasha Richardson, in Eugene O’Neill’s play, Anna Christie. Neeson also had a backup plan – teaching.

The actor also suffers from a severe fear of heights. This only makes some of his action scenes and acting accomplishments more impressive!

Neeson lives in New York City and recently became an American citizen.

The Inquisitr reported on his passionate anti-gun and anti-violence views. The actor is rather vocal about the excess in guns and uses his celebrity platform to address these issues in press conferences and public forums. His concerns focus on children being killed in schools and the ease people have in America to get guns for personal use. Neeson is careful to lay blame on the arts when it comes to violence.

The actor has no problem drawing a line between fantasy and real life. His movies are jam-packed with guns and killings, but he stands by his views about gun regulation in real life.

Liam Neeson recently expressed that his ideal vacations are simpler than one would think. Fly-fishing in the mountains is more his taste than anything flamboyant.

One of Neeson’s most embarrassing moments?

Liam auditioned for the role of Fezzik, the giant in The Princess Bride. The 1987 movie features the late Andre the Giant in the role, but it is curious to Neeson to date how the director reacted to his audtion. Rob Reiner appeared to be in shock that Neeson would audition for the role as a “giant,” measuring only six-feet-four.

Since that time, Liam Neeson has proven he is bigger in other ways. The talented actor celebrates his birthday with a long history of professional success.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV]