Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Criminal’

Donald Trump has taken his disdain for Hillary Clinton one step further by calling her a “criminal” over her email scandal. In a phone interview with CNN‘s Jake Trapper, Trump responded to the allegations surrounding Clinton’s sending of classified emails on her private server by comparing her to David Petraeus, former General and CIA Director, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge over mishandling classified information.

“The fact is that what she has done is criminal. What she did is far worse than what General Petraeus did and he’s gone down in disgrace. What he did is not as bad as what Hillary Clinton did, and it’s similar. But it’s not as bad. I mean, she got rid of her server, he never did anything like that.”

Trump additionally said, “I will beat Hillary easily.” And certainly, the scandal surrounding the former Secretary of State uses a private email account for work-related communications isn’t helping her public image.

Clinton has previously said she never sent or received any classified emails on her private account.

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material. I’m certainly aware of the classified requirements and did not send classified material.”

Clinton believes the alleged investigation into her sending classified emails is an inaccuracy.

“I wanna say a word about what’s the news today and it’s because there’ve been a lot of inaccuracies as Congressman Cummings made clear this morning, maybe the heat is getting to everybody. We all have a responsibility to get this right. I have released 55,000 pages of emails. I have said repeatedly that I will answer questions before this house committee. We are all accountable to the American people to get the facts right and I will do my part. But I am going to stay focused on the issues. Particularly the big issues that really matter to American families.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) thinks Clinton should hand over her entire private email server if she has nothing to hide.

“If Secretary Clinton truly has nothing to hide, she can prove it by immediately turning over her server to the proper authorities and allowing them to examine the complete record.”

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