‘Bachelorette’ Finale Spoilers: Final Rose Could Be The Final Call For Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Reality Television Career

The Bachelorette finale is finally here, and spoilers indicate that Kaitlyn Bristowe’s final choice could end up being the end of the line for her reality television career.

Bristowe has whittled the field of suitors down to just two men, Shawn Booth and Nick Viall, as she prepares to give the final rose and make her choice. But an unconventional pick could soon have Kaitlyn on the outside of the Bachelorette franchise looking in.

[Warning: Bachelorette finale spoilers ahead]

Heading into this season, insider Reality Steve reported that Kaitlyn was going to turn down both proposals and decide to remain single at the conclusion of the show. That prediction changed when Kaitlyn shared a video on Snapchat last month that showed her in bed with Shawn Booth, prompting the blogger to change his prediction to Shawn getting a “yes” for his proposal at the show’s end.

But there may be more behind her decision to pick Shawn. Celeb Dirty Laundry noted that Kaitlyn has been at odds with Bachelorette producers this season for being difficult on set and refusing to go along with their wishes for the show.

That tension — and the chance of the Bachelorette franchise letting Bristowe slip away after the show’s conclusion — may be factoring into her decision to choose Shawn Booth rather than turning aside both men.

But if the Snapchat is just a smokescreen and Bristowe does go through with plans to turn down her suitors, it could spell trouble, Celeb Dirty Laundry noted.

“The Bachelorette 2015 spoilers tease that Kaitlyn might not even pick a Season 11 winner at the final rose ceremony, which is unacceptable as far as the producers are concerned. The entire premise of the show is for women to get swept off their feet in cheesy romances – and there hasn’t been a whole lot of that going on during Season 11. If anything, Kaitlyn Bristowe might owe The Bachelorette Franchise money by the time she is done turning off the hopeless romantics that tune in every week waiting for her to find true love.”

Going against producers’ wishes could be a dangerous move for Kaitlyn Bristowe. Contestants on the show can generally bank on ABC taking care of them after the final rose is given, with appearances on the show in the future or casting on Dancing With The Stars or The Bachelor Pad.

Despite all that’s on the line, there are indications that Kaitlyn Bristowe may have went through with plans to turn down both men. Bachelorette finale spoilers straight from Chris Harrison indicate that Kaitlyn may end up single. The show’s host noted, “if ever there was a possibility of [a Bachelorette] just walking away with nobody, it’s this season.”

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