DeOrr Kunz, Jr.: Update Surrounding Search Of Missing Idaho Toddler In Timber Creek, Stone Reservoir Area

DeOrr Kunz, Jr. has been missing over for two weeks, and investigators are still combing the Timber Creek and Stone Reservoir area in the missing Idaho toddler case.

According to a retired investigator who spoke with East Idaho News, this missing child’s case “will come to a resolution.”

Retired Idaho Fish and Game investigator, Tony Latham, believes that from his experience in several missing person cases, DeOrr Kunz will be found.

“I’m quite satisfied this will come to a resolution. Everything has to be on the table. You do your initial assessment … and focus on what’s the most obvious. At the same time, everything else has to be operating in the background.”

What are some theories that Latham has regarding the 2-year-old who’s been missing since July 10? He thinks it’s possible that the boy walked away on his own, was abducted, a wild animal attacked him — and it’s even possible that he was never at the campsite in the fist place. Latham explains that Lemhi County has conducted about 300 searches and if a wild animal was involved in the missing Idaho toddler’s disappearance, “they would have at least found a boot.” He says, therefore, “that theory should be discounted.”

The boy’s parents haven’t been named a suspects in the case. Search efforts have been concentrated in Leadore, Idaho in the Timber Creek/Stone Reservoir areas where Kunz and his family went camping. His great-grandfather said he was watching him, but he believed the child was with his parents. There was about a 4-minute window for the boy to go missing.

Apparently, there was also a family friend who was camping with the family as well, but little is known abut that person.

Latham adds that just because new details are emerging in the case, it doesn’t mean things are “moving forward.” He said there are cameras on the highway in both directions of 93 and is sure they’ve been reviewed thoroughly.

KOBI 670 reported a few days ago that cadaver dogs were thrown off by a scent after someone scattered a family member’s ashes. The scent was picked up near the water, which prompted divers to direct their focus there. No clues were given in the search for DeOrr Kunz, Jr. Investigators continue in their search for the child and the parents remain hopeful that he’ll be found.

Search crews were hoping for a lead on the Stone Reservoir after K9 dogs picked up a scent near the water. If anyone goes missing and is in the water, their remains will eventually emerge because they rise above water after three weeks.

[Photo Credit: KBOI 670]