DeOrr Kunz, Jr. Search Update: Investigation Being Re-Directed As Search Scales Back On Missing Idaho Toddler

The continuing search for missing DeOrr Kunz, Jr. is being scaled back while the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office explores other avenues in the case. The 2-year-old boy went missing in Idaho 10 days ago while camping with his parents and grandparents.

Local 8 News reports in the latest update on the missing Idaho toddler that the sheriff’s office has decided to “redirect the investigation,” but will have crews continue their presence in the Timber Creek/Stone Reservoir area to search for possible clues that led to the boy’s disappearance on July 10. Authorities believe DeOrr may have been abducted by strangers or taken by wild animals. No real evidence has surfaced since he vanished while on a family camping trip.

DeOrr Kunz, Jr.

Searchers have utilized all available resources in the search, including helicopters, divers, scent dogs, cadaver dogs, horses, ATVs, and sonar technology that has scoured the reservoir. Over 300 people have participated in the search for DeOrr Kunz on the ground. They used a grid and searched the reservoir, the creek, and the hillsides. None of them saw any sign of the boy. Q13 Fox reports that pink ribbons have been tied to trees and bushes in the areas that have been covered in the search. The distance between Timber Creek and Stone Reservoir is about a quarter of a mile and takes an adult about 30 minutes to walk due to the steep and rocky terrain.

KBOI 2 News reports that DeOrr Kunz, Jr.’s parents are not suspects in the case. Over the weekend, authorities asked for speculations to cease on social media concerning the boy’s parents. The two have reportedly been cooperative with authorities in the search for their son. As Inquisitr reported last, DeOrr Kunz, Sr. and Jessica Mitchell haven’t left the campsite since their little boy disappeared. Mitchell is carrying the 2-year-old’s blanket around with her and refuses to part from it.

Kunz, Sr. and Mitchell believed their son’s grandfather was watching him, but his grandfather thought that the toddler was with them. There was reportedly a four-minute window in which the child was unsupervised. Authorities were alerted soon after the parents realized that the boy disappeared at the campsite. Search parties were deployed immediately afterwards.

The Lemhi County Sheriff’s office needs the public’s help in finding missing DeOrr Kunz, Jr. They’re asking anyone with information to please call the Idaho Fusion Center at 208-846-7676, or the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office at 208-756-8980.

[Photo Credit: KBOI 2 News]