Nina Dobrev Turns Heads And Makes Waves In St. Tropez [Photos]

Nina Dobrev has been vacationing in St. Tropez over the past few days and even Ms. Dobrev’s appearance at Leonardo DiCaprio’s fundraising gala seemed to be more of the same kind of partying for Nina. While Dobrev has certainly been turning heads throughout her getaway, the sudden appearance of Nina’s new love interest may force the former Vampire Diaries star to bring it down just a notch.

Joining Dobrev in St. Tropez, France, was Austin Stowell, who arrived and confirmed that the duo are a couple, as Nina and Austin shared a public embrace at Club 55, which is a beach club on the shores of St. Tropez.

Nina and Austin have been seen in one another’s company quite often, since Dobrev’s relocation to California, but it had always been rumored that the two had just been good friends. Recently, it had become more apparent that romance was kindled between Dobrev and Stowell with the recent public displays of affection in St. Tropez finally confirming what many had already been suspecting.

Nina may have been living it up in Europe, but it seems even Dobrev herself is beginning to feel the need to return to work and establish that film career for which she left The Vampire Diaries.

“The fairy tale has to end, and the next chapter has to begin. I knew this was my time, and I’m excited for the next step,” Nina said. “Anything for the first time, the unknown, the fear, those are all emotions that are so exciting, ultimately. I love that feeling, and I really want to feel that again. That’s why I’m excited about this next chapter: I have no idea what’s going to happen, and that means anything can happen. That’s what’s most exciting to me — the prospect of anything.”

It may be that Nina is beginning to feel the pinch of unemployment, because she recently shared a tweet with her followers which may not have been as facetious as Ms. Dobrev would have implied.

“JOBLESS. LOOKING FOR WORK. Skills include: Crying. Bleeding. Dying. Resurrecting. Running. Hiding. Biting. Doppleganging.”

Of course, there is always a job waiting for Ms. Dobrev with The Vampire Diaries, particularly with the way her character was left in limbo, but Nina may be set against returning. Ms. Dobrev has seemed determined to make her Hollywood dreams come true and that may be the only option open to Nina in her heart.

[Featured image: Nina Dobrev courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]