‘Arrow’ Season 4: Stephen Amell Gives More Details About The Next Season

Arrow, soon to be known as Green Arrow, is fast approaching Season 4. Stephen Amell, Marc Guggenheim, and others have been dropping serious news and information as to what Arrow fans should expect in Season 4. However, according to Comicbook, Arrow star Stephen Amell sat down for an interview to expand on Season 4 and discuss some things that fans should expect.

Amell started off by explaining what has been going on from when Olicity drove off into the sunset in Arrow Season 3 until the start of Arrow Season 4.

“That five months have passed and Oliver has learned a bunch of new skills. But typically when we come back from a hiatus, it’s like a new suit or a new bow or he decided that he wanted to take up jiu jitsu. This time around, almost all of the skills pertain to domestic life, which is fun. They’ve[Olicity] traveled and I believe that they’ve settled. It’s interesting to learn who has enjoyed this process more, be it Oliver or Felicity.”

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2015 panel, several other questions were asked, including what will bring (Green) Arrow back to Starling (Star) City.

“Impending doom, as it always does. Look, our show is our show. I’m not going to spend five episodes in domestic bliss in nowheretown. The show is the show. We come back, five months have happened, and conveniently right when we pick back up again, I get activated, so to speak.”

According to Blastr, Stephen Amell suggested in a tweet that what brought Green Arrow back in Season 4 was “What’s wrong with Speedy?”

So, what will Stephen Amell/Oliver Queen be facing in Arrow Season 4? It has been reported that Damien Darhk will be the big bad, but Amell elaborates on the theme for the new season.

“So, what we are dealing with this year — and I wouldn’t say it’s as concrete as it was last year when it was like “The Theme: Identity!” — is magic and mysticism. And Oliver alludes very early on in the season that this is something that he’s seen before, so clearly that will play into this year’s flashbacks for him.”

Arrow Season 4, as Stephen Amell has explained, being about “magic and mysticism” begs an intriguing question. The Inquisitr has been following the continuing interest in Matt Ryan and NBC’s Constantine, and recently Amell and an Arrow producer/writer stated that they were trying to acquire the defunct, out-of-work occult detective and demonologist.

For those dissatisfied with Arrow Season 3, it seems that there is a lot of new and interesting directions Season 4 will be taking.

What are your thoughts? Does any of new detail have you more or less interested? Will John Constantine show up? Leave your thoughts and opinions.

[Image via Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore]