William Shatner: ‘Star Trek’ Was ‘Not Political’

William Shatner has left many Star Trek fans dumbfounded by his recent statements regarding the “politics” of Trekkers’ favorite show.

In short, Captain Kirk does not believe the series was political at all in spite of these examples dug up by Donna Dickens of HitFix.

Here are the Captain’s exact words via his ultra-popular Twitter page. Take it away, Jim!

It did not take long for fans and followers to correct the Shat on getting it wrong about the show that featured the very first interracial kiss on television. (One he was actually a part of!)

While William Shatner clearly didn’t have the time to address every detractor, he did make a special point for Aja Romano of the Daily Dot. Romano said that the “Star Trek isn’t political” comment “sounds so wholly unlike anything Shatner himself would say much less something his ghostwriter would f*** up” and alluded to the fact that whoever did tweet this for Shatner should be “sacked” (fired). He responded with this.

This got Daily Dot editor Eric Geller involved.

For now, the arguments seem to have cooled, but what do you think, readers? Is William Shatner right to say that Star Trek wasn’t political? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Blastr]