July 22, 2015
Poor Reviews For 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!' Emerge: Has The Series Jumped Itself?

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! is set to continue SyFy's hit franchise Wednesday night (July 22), yet poor reviews for the second shark-meets-tornado sequel have already started appearing, making some fans wonder whether the series has officially jumped the shark.

Of course, fans can be forgiven if it seems that bad reviews may be inconsequential for a film franchise built on C-movie status, yet in the case of Sharknado 3, it appears that the tongue-in-cheek joke may finally have worn off. While acknowledging the intent of the Sharknado series, the L.A. Times describes the film as rote and dull, asserting that the script could have been written in less time than it actually takes to watch the film.

"Compared with what now seems the relative purity of the original Sharknado — just another entry in Syfy's ongoing canon of self-knowing, semi-parodic C-pictures — and the celebratory victory lap that was Sharknado 2: The Second One, the new entry feels tired and cold. Not even the destruction of Washington, D.C., the set piece that fills the James Bond-ish, pre-credits opening, is much fun."
The L.A. Times also draws a distinction between the inherent nature of the Sharknado franchise and the current entry, calling Sharknado 3 "not ironically cheap and inept, but thrown together." NPR, meanwhile, points out the many corporate references packed into Sharknado 3, calling the repeat appearance of the Today Show cast "product placement for Syfy's corporate parent, NBCUniversal."
"This won't necessarily bother Syfy or NBCUniversal, which seem to be counting on Sharknado to repeat its past success as a buzzed-about topic on Twitter and other social media. In anticipation of renewed attention, the film is packed with corporate siblings like Universal Studios theme parks, Xfinity online services, Comcast cable and more."
Sharknado 3 stars Shark Tank entrepreneur Mark Cuban as the President of the United States with Ann Coulter as his vice president as the Inquisitr previously reported. The film also offers cameos from Bo Derek and David Hasselhoff, among others. Despite the series' popularity, however, Sharknado is beginning to be described by critics as "a joke repeated a few too many times," and the third entry has already been accused of beating a dead horse.Perhaps the greatest indictment of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! is the accusation by some critics that it is no longer fun to watch, even ironically, "leaving some fans of awful TV to wonder what we truly found so funny about shark-filled tornadoes in the first place."

[Image: NBCUniversal/ Syfy via Twitter]