WWE News: Triple H Set For Big Face Turn Before WWE SummerSlam?

WWE’s The Authority has changed over the past month; not a precipitous one, but a change nonetheless. On WWE Raw last week, Stephane McMahon brought the WWE NXT women up to the main roster to finally begin the NXT Divas Revolution. McMahon was an integral part of that storyline and in front of the camera.

Kane was fired from the Authority by Seth Rollins, who also assisted in the fracturing of Kane’s ankle. With two members of the Authority a babyface, wouldn’t it make sense for another to make the turn as well? In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the rumor of Triple H and Seth Rollins feuding together is getting pushed back.

It may not happen now, but Rollins would’ve played the face role in that program. Now, that doesn’t seem nearly as likely. If McMahon didn’t make the turn, Triple H remaining heel made perfect sense. It looks like Rollins is headed for a feud with John Cena, so where does that leave the COO?

According to a report by Cageside Seats, Stephanie McMahon’s babyface turn may lead to a change in character by Triple H.

“It’s possible that Triple H is now playing a babyface because they turned Stephanie McMahon for the Divas revolution and the feeling is a husband and wife can’t be a heel and a babyface at the same time.”

If he does turn face, that will add another element to the Authority that is desperately needed. A stable can only succeed for so long under the same mantra and mannerisms. Even the nWo ran out of steam at one point. On screen, the Authority may be better off as faces.

As soon as Stephanie McMahon introduced the WWE NXT divas, an idea came through. What if Triple H turns babyface and aligns with some of his “NXT 5?” That’s a far-fetched idea, but Finn Balor, Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami need something when they come up to the main roster.

HHH is doing a phenomenal job with WWE NXT that has been noticeable on WWE Raw as well. This past episode was different and brilliant at the same time. Even Jim Ross, WWE legend, noticed the difference and wrote about the Undertaker brawl with Brock Lesnar specifically.

“Great buzz created by the old school, pull apart Monday night onRAW between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker coming off the heels of Taker costing Lesnar the WWE World Title Sunday night at WWE Battleground when the Deadman made a surprising return to the ring.”

Ross went into more detail, but WWE Raw was fantastic. Triple H is getting more pull with the creative for the show, so his style will start to show very soon. It’s still five weeks away, but folks are wondering if Triple H is going to wrestle at WWE SummerSlam? If he does, then maybe a babyface HHH will return.

[Image via scifighting.com]