Ali MacGraw And Ryan O’Neal Reunite In Play, Reveal How Their Chemistry Hasn’t Changed Since ‘Love Story’ [Video]

Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal caused millions to use up entire boxes of tissue during Love Story. And now, decades after Ali and Ryan starred in that ultimate romantic movie based on Erich Segal’s beloved book, MacGraw will join O’Neal in a Broadway play called Love Letters by A.R. Gurney, reported People.

As for how it feels to be together again? Ali can still sense the chemistry.

“It feels so great to be reunited,” said MacGraw. “Our chemistry has not changed. We still feel the same about each other.”

Ryan concurred, emphasizing that the duo have a relationship beyond friendship.

“We are more than friends,” hinted O’Neal. “She is like my sister, only she had better lock her door at night so I can’t get in there. We have some unfinished business, and we are running out of time!”

In contrast to the short timeline of the novel Love Story, the play shows two individuals who are together early in life, then separate. But during five decades of remaining friends, despite other relationships including marriage, Ali’s and Ryan’s characters remain bonded.

MacGraw, 76, and O’Neal, 74, will begin their run at Fort Lauderdale’s Broward Center for the Performing Arts before taking the stage in towns throughout the nation, including Beverly Hills, Detroit, Boston, Dallas, and Baltimore.

Ali revealed that most people regard her Love Story co-star as macho. But MacGraw wants the world to know about Ryan’s sensitive side.

“[O’Neal] is so funny, so good and he is such a star, that I am terrified and excited to be reunited with him on stage,” said Ali. “He is really sensitive even though he can be perceived as macho.”

As for the fact that he and MacGraw are teaming up again after all these years, Ryan credits fate.

“Working together again is a dream come true,” O’Neal said. “Ali is an original. She is giving and sensitive to others, and we have never had an argument or cross word all of these years.”

MacGraw is forever associated with Love Story, in which Ryan and she portrayed Ivy League college students. O’Neal’s character was from a rich background, while Ali’s was from a middle-class family. But when she received a diagnosis of cancer, the tears began to fall in theaters throughout the nation.

“It is always an adventure with Ali,” said Ryan. “It is so nice to re-discover her because I have had such a crush on her!”

MacGraw and Ryan also reunited recently to share how they felt during the filming of Love Story, reported Yahoo Movies.

“I never wanted it to end. I never wanted her to die!” revealed O’Neal.

And Ali shared that she enjoyed every minute, despite the tears.

“Making it was actually unbelievably fun the whole time; I was stupid and new enough in the business to think it was always like that. Ryan had worked a lot; I hadn’t. Everyone on the crew cried periodically during filming. But even though we were setting up this heart-wrenching story, we laughed for three months, as well.”

Ali isn’t alone in staying fit and fabulous at 76. Jane Fonda recently shared how she’s winning audiences with charm and grace in her 70s, as the Inquisitr reported.

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