Sandra Bland: Video From Waller County Jail Released, 12-Minute Surveillance Prior To And During EMT Arrival

While Sandra Bland’s death is shrouded in public mystery, Waller County Jail has released a video which shows the commotion that took place prior to the paramedics’ arrivals.

Though there’s no audio, the video shows moments that seem up-to and after Sandra Bland’s death. Before EMTs arrive, you can see officers prepping themselves with gloves.

Some officers even looked up towards the security camera as they passed through. Emergency services arrived approximately six minutes into the video. And they’re seen leaving with a body in the bag, close to 11 minutes into the video.

In another video, as reported by Associated Press, Captain Brian Cantrell gave an official statement about Bland’s death. He mentions that it wasn’t an incident of criminal intent. Sandra’s death has been ruled a suicide. However, her family has ordered an independent autopsy.

Sandra Bland was pulled over for a minor infraction but was arrested for being non-compliant when asked to step out of her car. In a previous Inquisitr article, the officer asked her to put out her cigarette. However, when Bland asked him why she had to do that, since she was in her car, he demanded that she get out of the car.

Though an “official” video has been released, you can view the full, uncut version of the Waller County dashcam video. It starts off with Trooper Brian Encinia making a prior traffic stop. Then, it shows the officer as he moves onto Sandra’s incident.

From the full video, you see the officer get behind Sandra as soon as he finished with the other civilian. Bland changes lanes without signaling, then he pulls her over.

During the argument, Bland said that she changed lanes to allow Encinia to pass her because it seemed as though he was speeding up.

Sometime thereafter, you hear another officer in the commotion. She claims that she saw everything. However, as can be seen from the full video, the Trooper Encinia arrived on-scene by himself. And from the bystander’s video, the other officer arrived in a patrol car and was parked behind the trooper’s SUV.

What are your thoughts about the Sandra Bland incident? Do you think she committed suicide on the day she was supposed to be released? Do you think the surveillance video is unedited, be it motion-sensored? What do you think of Trooper Encinia saying “good” to her confessing that she has epilepsy?

Even Texas Senator Royce West, after reviewing the full video, stated that there was no reason Bland should’ve been taken into custody, as reports NBC News.

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[Video Credits: YouTube ; Photo Credits: Twitter]