Sandra Bland’s Full 52-Minute Arrest Dashcam Video Released, Goes Viral On YouTube [Video]

Paula Mooney - Author

Jul. 21 2015, Updated 6:37 p.m. ET

It’s the video that was highly anticipated in the arrest of Sandra Bland. Late on Tuesday, July 21, the full, 52-minute, 12-second long video of Bland’s arrest by Brian Encinia was finally posted on YouTube — and it immediately began to go viral. YouTube gave the video their standard 301+ views that are given to videos going viral. With the action shown in the video, it’s no wonder the video is going viral. Sandra complains of the officer slamming her head into the ground. And of having epilepsy, the officer says “good” in response. Warning: The below video of Bland contains lots of offensive language.

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“I got epilepsy.


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The Sandra Bland Arrest Video: Police Release Dashboard Camera Video was released on Tuesday by Texas officials, and begins with the officer pulling over another person. That person appears to say they are a sophomore — a student in college. Next, he pulls over Sandra, whose interaction is volatile from the start, with Bland explaining that the officer was tailing her, and that’s why she’d pulled over.

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“I’m waiting on you. This is your job.

You seem very irritated.

You were tailing me; I moved over and now you stopped me.

Do you mind putting out your cigarette please?”

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The Texas Department of Public Safety video features the full interaction, with Bland complaining of having to exit the car. Sandra calls the officer plenty of names, and Bland states that it feels as though he’s going to break her wrist. A female voice besides Bland’s can be heard, with plenty of the action taking place off screen.

The Chicago-area woman told the police officer she had just returned to Prairie View, Texas. As reported by Time, the incident on July 10 turned deadly after three days when Sandra was found in her local jail cell. Reports that Bland killed herself in jail by hanging herself with a plastic garbage bag are being disputed by Sandra’s family.

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The fact that the officer asks for a dispatch of EMS to the location, as heard in the Texas Department of Public Safety video of Bland’s arrest, points to the possibility that Sandra may have been injured as she says she was during the video. The dashboard video shows Encinia commanding Sandra out of the car and threatening to tase Bland. Brian says that Bland requested EMS.

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Step out or I will remove you.

Okay — let’s do this.

“Get out of the car!”

“I’m not under arrest.”

“You are under arrest! Send me another unit.”

“Why am I being apprehended?”

“Get out of the car!”

“I have a right to record you.”

“Put your phone down, right now.”

“You feeling good about yourself? Why am I being arrested? Why won’t you tell me that part?”

- Blockquote close

Brian can be heard laughing in the video, saying he doesn’t have serious body injury, but claims he was kicked. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Bland dashcam video was the highly anticipated video in a series of videos that had been previously released about the Bland arrest and death.

[Image via YouTube]


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