Newt Gingrich To End His Campaign on Wednesday [Report]

The ride will be officially over for Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich according to sources that have told Fox News that he will officially end his campaign on Wednesday, May 2nd.

Gingrich has seen his campaign go through one of the biggest roller coaster rides seen in Republican presidential politics in many years. Last summer the country all but wrote Gingrich’s obituary and low funding and a staff exodus threatened the campaign from the first month.

After that Gingrich stuck in there and when Herman Cain formally dropped out, Gingrich took over in the polls as the front runner. Gingrich even polled much higher than presumptive nominee Mitt Romney at times. After faltering in the first two contests Gingrich came back to win the South Carolina primary and his home state of Georgia. He showed strength all over the south but failed to get as much traction as conservative candidate Rick Santorum,

It is unclear whether Gingrich plans to immediately endorse Mitt Romney for President ans work to help oust President Obama from office. After Rick Santorum ended his campaign last week he refused to do so and has still not offered Romney his endorsement.

Gingrich brought a fiery brand of social and economic conservatism to the race, often seen as the most intellectual of the candidates. Gingrich proposed policies aimed at lower tax rates, expanded defense spending, projecting American strength through out the globe, strong support of Israel and even suggested an aggressive American space program.

Gingrich was also marred by charges that due to a host of past marital infidelities that he just had too much baggage to take on President Obama in the Fall.

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