June 29, 2017
Bindi Irwin Dating Before Turning 17: 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin's Daughter Shares Dad's Dating Test [Video]

Bindi Irwin dating already? Although Bindi may remain Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's innocent, sweet, little daughter in the public's mind, she celebrates her 17th birthday on Friday, reported MSN.

Now both a TV presenter and actress, Bindi won't share her boyfriend's name. But Irwin did reveal that the young man she's dating is making her life marvelous.

"There is someone special in my life right now, and I'm really happy with that. Life is wonderful at the moment," said Bindi, soon after Irwin was spotted with Chandler Powell, a pro wakeboarder.

Irwin has no fear of creatures, whether it's a crocodile or a snake.

But Bindi also knows how to use those girly toys such as mascara and blush. Irwin has posted some unusually glamorous photos on social media, proving that she also has no fear of competing on the dating scene.

However, Bindi does have one element of life that scares her. And that's Facebook. Irwin shared that, although she does use some parts of social media, never look for her dating status on Facebook, because she runs from it.

"I have never joined the Facebook world, because to be truthful social media scares me to death. It is kind of crazy how huge that world is, so I have never joined Facebook, but I do have Instagram and Twitter."
For Bindi, the memories of popular, fearless father Steve Irwin remain the guiding light of her life, reported Us Weekly.
And if the Crocodile Hunter were alive, her dating escapades would be much more complicated, revealed the almost-17-year-old.
"Dad said that if I did find someone to date that he would have to prove himself by swimming across our largest crocodile pond! And if he made it to the other side, he could go out with me. I don't think we're going to go to that extreme, but it would still certainly have to be a very tough person to date me."
Bindi also praised her younger brother Robert, who is now 11, noting that their father, killed by a stingray when he was only 44, was their superhero.

"He was like our living, breathing superhero," recalled Irwin's daughter. "He was so passionate and clever. I watch Robert, and he's so much like Dad in the way that he talks and walks. It's phenomenal."

As the Inquisitr reported, Mayim Bialik recently shared her heartbreak at the death of her own father. The Big Bang Theory actress revealed how Barry Bialik had also been a sort of superhero in his daughter's eyes.

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]