Girl Dead On Greyhound Bus: 2-Year-Old Dies On Bus, Teen Mom Not A Suspect Say Police

Girl dead on Greyhound bus

A girl dead on a Greyhound bus has police investigating today. According to the New York Daily News, the toddler was traveling from South Carolina to New Orleans with her mom. The bus made a planned stop in Atlanta around 2:30 a.m., and that is when a woman was seen clutching the child’s lifeless body to her chest, sobbing.

The mom of the child has been identified as Alexis Washington, 19. When she was approached by two other women, she told them that her baby was “cold,” and the women called for help. Police say that Washington is not a suspect, but they have not said how the little girl died.

The girl dead on the Greyhound bus was just 2-years-old. Her mother sat on a bridge holding her, and crying as if she knew her little girl was gone. According to HNGN, paramedics transported the child to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where she was pronounced dead.

Fox Q 13 reports that the medical examiner has been notified of the little girl’s death, and an autopsy will be performed to determine how she died. It is presumed that the toddler was alive when she boarded the bus with her mom, but what might have happened in the hours following departure is unknown.

There are many things that could have caused this little girl’s death, including an allergic reaction of some kind, accidental suffocation if she was sleeping without proper air flow, or there could have been something that had to do with an underlying health issue.

After the girl was found dead on the Greyhound bus, her mom was taken in for questioning, but police have determined that this likely wasn’t anything intentional.

Another 2-year-old that died made news this week, but that situation is a bit more clear. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Dallas toddler was accidentally left in the car when her family returned from a day trip. With the temperatures soaring to 98 degrees, the little girl had little chance of survival. She was found hours later by her father, who had gone in the house to take a nap with other family members, not realizing that the youngster was still strapped in her child safety seat.

Despite some serious uproar on the internet, the little girl’s parents are not being charged in her death. The Department of Child Services is said to be investigating the case, however.

[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]