This Guy Took Eating At Chipotle To A Whole Other Level

For some people, Chipotle is a go-to place for eating during a lunch break. Well for Mark Rantal, 30, he decided that eating Chipotle every single day for 100 days would be a great idea and success story. You heard it right, Rantal has ate at Chipotle for over 100 days and hasn’t stopped yet.

Rantal talked to ABC News about his decision to just not stop eating Chipotle,

“The whole thing was totally an accident. On Monday I decided to get Chipotle and on Tuesday I made the same decision, then got lunch with my friend there on Wednesday. We laughed about it at lunch and he asked how long I thought I could go. And that began the thought.”

Rantal has a stronger will then most of us, going 103 days straight eating Chipotle and not stopping If you do the math, 103 days is roughly 4 months, so just take that in and imagine eating Chipotle for four months straight.

Rantal continued.

“Every time I hit a milestone it was very easy and convenient to imagine hitting the next. Plus, it’s a little ridiculous.”

Rantal is not a fan of change and has eaten the exact same meal for all of his 103 days. That meal consist of a burrito bowl with white rice, pinto beans, fajitas, sofritas, mild salsa, corn, medium salsa, cheese, and lettuce. On his 100th day, he even took a picture in front of Chipotle holding his burrito bowl with candles in it to celebrate the milestone.

He continues talking about his success and dealing with the workers at Chipotle who gives him a free meal one out of every ten times he orders.

“For me food is one of those things as fuel instead of celebration. I’ve just never really gotten so into it. It became so convenient of you know where you’re going, you know the friendly faces of the staff, you know you enjoy the meal and you know you’re going to get the calories.”

Rantal has become a bit of a Chipotle star. After hitting his 100th day he hosted a Reddit AMA and said he has been receiving a lot of recognition from it. Rantal isn’t the only one who has gone of the crazy adventure of eating at their favorite fast food chain though. Morgan Spurlock ate at McDonald’s continuously for 30 days for every meal and documented it in the movie Super Size Me. Rantal said that eating Chipotle has made him feel great and he even gained 14 pounds that he wanted to gain back after becoming a vegetarian and losing it.

“It’s fun. Right now it’s convenient and it’s a habit, so I don’t see a reason [to stop]. The [one-year] milestone isn’t appealing enough to have to put in the effort, but there is a tiny wistful part of me that just thinks, ‘Wouldn’t it be hilarious to be the guy who ate Chipotle for a year?’ But I don’t know if I want to be that guy.”

Rantal hasn’t indicated when he plans on stopping his Chipotle milestone, but good luck on another 100 days.

[Photo provided by Mark Rantal Facebook]