For The Chicago Cubs, The Price Is Right

Forget David Price’s Twitter fun in reference to potentially being traded to the Chicago Cubs. Put aside the Max Scherzer-size salary he’ll command. Just imagine for two seconds what Chicago’s rotation would look like with the now available David Price, Lester, Arrieta, Hamels, and Hendricks. Absolutely sick. The reality is, MLB scouts and writers know Price remains a favorite of Joe Maddon, and vice versa. With no margin for error this season, David Price is definitely something Theo Epstein has twirling in his masterful mind.

Every perennial powerhouse will visit their bank teller this off-season, meaning Chicago Cubs ownership needs to dig pretty deep into the piggy bank for what would amount to $30 million per year. But an ingenious method of signing now and guaranteeing he’ll remain a Northsider has erupted across Chicago Tribune and similar news sources, and is pretty much the only shot Chicago has. By securing his services in July as opposed to waiting until winter meetings begin, an already Top 5 rotation will become as close to No. 1 as humanly possible.

Sure, Theo Epstein remains steadfast in developing the farm club into a never-ending labor pool, where talented prospects fight for playing time. However, David Price is one trade target everyone knows belongs in Chicago Cubs pinstripes. His youth (29) and 2015 numbers (2.32 ERA, 127 Ks) match his worth, and merits unloading Arismendy Alcantara or similar players (possibly Baez) and draft picks, plus international trade slots to get his services tied up until 2019. Give him a Bugatti Veyron if he asks nicely.

Chicago Cubs front office guys threw down $100 million to get Tanaka. They’ve paid $155 million for Lester’s services, which will probably mean he’s theirs for life. So, when David Price gets posted in late July, the Ricketts family should be pawning their grocery stores in anticipation of the first division crown under Theo’s tutelage. But they’ll need to be crafty, as stated above, since letting him go unsigned until December means the mighty Dodgers and Yankees, and all their financial resources, will simply outbid Chicago. Which means Chicago fans get stuck with Jordan Zimmermann and maybe Doug Fister.

If you know anything about baseball, you know how consistent David Price is, and how highly respected his sportsmanship is across the big leagues. Although the media will dance around David Price’s availability and who best suits his needs, Chicago Cubs fans know he’ll become a permanent fixture if the price is right.

[Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images Sport]