Free Class, Patron Status For ‘Trove’ Players In Response To Long Queue Times

With nearly 60,000 players logging into Trove right now on Steam alone, the game’s servers are noticeably stuffed full of eager players looking to create, adventure, and explore. Since Trove officially came out of open beta and launched on July 9, players have often been encountered queues when trying to log in. Sometimes, a queue can take 40 minutes or more before finally allowing the player into the game. That wait time, of course, is very frustrating to some and the developers of Trove want to take a bit of the edge off.

Although the team is constantly working to alleviate the queues with more hardware and better software, players that had trouble getting into the game since its launch have received a little something for their time. Players that logged into the game between the launch of Trove on July 9 and on July 16 will receive a few in-game freebies for their troubles.

The game’s director announced the gifts on the weekly Friday livestream on Twitch, and many players received emails on the compensation as well. If you logged in between those dates, you should have a redeemable class token, a day’s worth of Patron status, and a few extra Shadow Keys. Most players have already received their class token and Patron status; however, the Shadow Keys are still being deployed.

A crowded hub world in Trove

The redeemable class token is a non-tradable Class Coin that can be used in-game to receive a free class of the user’s choosing. This coin can be used on an existing class that is available right now, or it can be saved and used later when a new class in released in Trove. Three days of Patron status is being added to all accounts that logged in during the specified time with an additional three days being added to those that spend any real money on the game during that time as well. Active Patrons will have their time extended accordingly if applicable.

Queues in Trove are still present with some users wait time at around 30 minutes at the time of this writing. Players looking to log in for the hourly challenges for dragon souls should keep this in mind when launching the game. Trove often updates on Tuesdays with fixes, updates, and additions and there is almost always a livestream on Friday previewing upcoming content. In fact, a new class is already in the works that was teased last week. This new class will use a new weapon type not yet in the game and it based on a lunar or moon theme.

Have you tried out the world of Trove yet?

[Images via Trove]