Woman Caught On Camera Trying To Buy Antifreeze To Poison Neighborhood Dog [Video]

What do you do when you do not like a dog lurking in your neighborhood? If you happened to be this Texan woman from Katy, Texas, the answer would be to buy antifreeze and poison the animal! A footage showing an unidentified woman walking in to buy antifreeze to “that can kill animals” has gone viral.

According to ABC 6 News, the woman was caught on video saying she wanted to buy antifreeze so that she can poison a stray dog in her neighborhood. The video was captured by Justin Weynant, an employee at the local O’Reilly Auto Parts in Katy, Texas after she revealed that she was looking for antifreeze that is potent enough to kill animals.

“The lady walked in, obviously she was pretty upset, and she asked, ‘What kind of antifreeze kills animals?’” Weynant said. In the video, you can hear Weynant ask the woman, “Are you trying to kill a dog?” The woman answers, “There is a vicious dog that has been on the loose for a whole week and animal control won’t get it.”

He, along with his co-worker, try to explain to the woman that what she is doing might be illegal and that it is not necessary that antifreeze would work. He made a futile attempt to convince the woman not to kill the dog, which she claimed to be a”vicious german shepherd.” He also took out his cellphone and recorded the conversation without the woman knowing.

After Weynant said he had issues selling her the antifreeze because she said she was going to use it to kill a dog, the woman said she wanted it anyway for her car. Still, Weynant refused to sell her the antifreeze after which the woman said she’d go to Walmart to buy it.

“You know what, F*** it, I’ll go to Walmart. I’m not saying let me poison someone’s poodle or annoying Chihuahua. I’m saying this is a vicious German Shepherd on the loose.”

She also claimed to own four dogs and added that she was left with no option but to poison the vicious dog since Animal Control won’t listen to her. Later, Weynant posted the video on Facebook and YouTube, and people identified the woman in the video. The video was shown on Eyewitness News after which a woman from the area contacted them and revealed that the stray dog in question was “far from vicious.”

Later, the woman made a Facebook post herself.

“The dog was in my neighborhood for well over a week living on my steps. The dog caused damage to my property. That was a snapshot at my most frustrated and when I absolutely had it. Lastly, I never acted on anything and the owner finally came and got his dog.”

Dog lovers and people from the area are thankful to Weynart for indirectly saving the life of the dog, which would have otherwise been killed using antifreeze.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]