Ex-NFL Player’s Mistress Murders Wife, Kills Self

An ex-NFL player’s mistress has murdered his wife and killed herself.

According to USA Today, Buster Barnett’s mistress, Lisa Brown, kidnapped his wife, 49-year-old Sandra Barnett, from their home in Ellenwood, Georgia, on Wednesday afternoon.

Barnett, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills as a tight end in 1981 and played for the team until 1984, said Brown had come to his place on employment on Wednesday, July 15, upset about a trip that he and his wife were planning, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Following a police chase along I-20 in Alabama, the authorities discovered Brown’s and Barnett’s bodies in an SUV. Apparently, Brown shot Barnett before turning the gun onto herself, Officer Charlene Watson-Fraser confirmed.

“She was upset about a trip that his wife was going on with him and it was one she didn’t know about,” Watson-Fraser said.

According to the police, Sandra had been on the phone with a friend when Lisa, Buster’s mistress, arrived at her home with a gun. The friend said she could hear what appeared to be a struggle between the two, and then she was no longer able to reach Sandra on her phone. The friend then called one of her male friends to go and check on Sandra. When he drove past their house, he saw the woman next to a Dodge Durango, which belonged to Buster. When he circled back, he was too late, and the vehicle was gone.

“Sandra was actually on the telephone with a friend when Lisa showed up at the front door,” Clayton County Police Capt. Richard Gandee said, according to NBC affiliate 11Alive. “Lisa Brown was actually driving a vehicle owned by Buster.”

Police later spotted Brown’s SUV, which Buster had let her use to “help her out,” in Carroll County on Thursday, and proceeded to pursue it to Alabama. When Brown finally stopped the car, the police investigated the scene and discovered their bodies, both with fatal gun shot wounds.

“The driver stopped in the middle of the highway, pulled out a handgun and shot (Barnett) and then turned the gun on herself,” Watson-Fraser said.

“We’ve uncovered a set of handcuffs and some receipts,” Gandee said. “[Brown] had purchased the handcuffs prior to this kidnapping.”

Sandra Barnett was a special needs teacher at McNair Middle School, and had been for more than two decades.

“Everybody just remembers this bubbly, happy spirit — just happy,” Sandra’s co-worker Nimet Muhammad said. “Every day at work, you could just count on her.”

According to the police, Lisa had already had several run-ins with the law, including a previous kidnapping charge.

“Lisa Brown was actually on probation for kidnapping out of the state of Texas,” said Gandee. “She had kidnapped her child that she had lost custody of, and the jurisdiction down there had to track her for like three days to find her.”

Brown also served as a teacher at North Atlanta High School from 2008 to 2013.

According to TMZ, Buster was not home at the time of the kidnapping and is not being considered a suspect or person of interest in the murder/suicide case.

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