July 14, 2017
Pot-Based Dog Treats: Owners Claim They Cure Pets' Ailments

Some pet owners are claiming that hemp-based treats cure many of their pets' ailments. The treats are infused with cannabinoids or CBDs but don't have THC, so the animal doesn't get high. One of the hemp-based treat brands called Treatibles has been used by some owners for anxiety or stress in their dogs. Andrew Mizia stated that his dog Fred can be stressed when around other dogs, and he stated the following regarding the result when he gives the canine the treat, according to ABC Channel 7.

"They were able to calm down and his anxiety a little bit so that he wouldn't have up his hackles and wouldn't immediately be so on guard in the presence of other dogs."
These treats are flying off the shelves, because many pet owners have claimed that the treats can cure illnesses ranging from arthritis to epileptic seizures. The manager of one store that carries a large variety of calming treats claims that the Treatibles are more effective in treating anxious animals because of the cannabinoids. The manager of the Holistic Hound, a store in Oakland, Dianne Krenzer, stated the following. "I've never seen a product that has had such broad popularity and interest. Humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system and we have receptors throughout our bodies. So if anxiety is an issue, the CBD works on the stress receptors."

The treats are intended primarily for dogs, but have even been used with other domestic and farm animals. They contain 40mg of CBD per treat. The manufacturer recommends one treat per 20 pounds. And some owners even rave about the success they've had with the treats in saving their animal's lives. An owner named Wendy who has a 15-year-old lab mix named Kali decided to try the treats out of desperation, as she had scheduled an appointment to euthanize the dog in order to alleviate its chronic pain. Wendy stated the following, according to the Examiner.

"Never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated this....It brought my dog back."
People are even thinking about using cannabinoid-infused products for themselves because of the perceived success of products for animals like Treatibles. Veterinarians caution people against using the products on their pets because of a lack of scientific testing. Of course, it's wise to check with your veterinarian before using any medicinal-type product for a pet.

Would you use a cannabinoid-infused treat for your dog or other pet? Please leave your response below.

Some people, such as David Hibbitt, do believe they have been cured by cannabis. He had cancer and was given only 18 months to live. He had gone through arduous chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions prior to surgery to remove his large bowel, none of which were successful. Friends suggested that he try cannabis oil. Hibbitt says that he treated himself with cannabis oil and that his health changed dramatically as a result. In fact, he says that doctors indicated that he was subsequently cancer free, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

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