Teen Inflicted Horrific Injuries On Baby Boy’s Genitals Because He Urinated On Him

A teen who has previous assault convictions was arrested for inflicting horrific injuries on a baby boy’s genitals after claiming the child urinated on him, according to the Daily Mirror.

Jordan Hall, 19, was 18 years old when the baby he was caring for was rushed to Medway Hospital in Kent with horrific injuries to his genitals.

Hall initially told nursing staff that he had no clue how the injuries came about, but the hospital became suspicious and alerted police.

“There was a suggestion there might be a bite mark or ligature. Mr Hall chose not to answer questions,” Prosecutor Martin Yale said in court at Maidstone Crown.

However, Hall later admitted that he caused the injuries to the baby’s genitals, claiming that as he was bending over the child, he urinated on him. As he did so, Hall became irate and grabbed his penis in a violent manner, causing cuts and bruises, according to Kent Online.

“As soon as he saw blood he realized he had used too much force,” Yale added.

“Of huge importance is the progress he has made over the last year. He is in supported accommodation. There is a network of support around him,” said Hall’s defense attorney Tom Stern.

After Hall’s confession of causing harm to the boy, he was immediately arrested on child abuse charges.

“He acted impulsively and excessively. There was no intention to cause harm. He accepted his culpability and tried to improve himself,” added Stern.

“In the four to five seconds he was acting recklessly he managed to inflict these injuries on that little lad’s genitalia.”

“The force he must have applied must have been pretty excessive because he had the temerity to urinate, as baby’s often do.”

“It set in train a series of events which, in my view, are gross and horrific,” Stern continued.

“You have a number of previous convictions for violence so I can’t say it was an isolated incident.”

Although Stern pleaded with the court to give Hall a non-custodial sentence, Judge Michael Carroll disregarded his plea and sentenced Hall to 14 months in youth custody.

[Image courtesy of Christopher Furlong / Getty Images]