Lily-Rose Depp’s Chanel Ad Criticized: Did She Pose Too Provocatively?

Lily-Rose Depp is the new face of Chanel Eyewear, but her famous father is receiving some criticism over his 16-year-old daughter’s sexy looking poses in the photo shoot.

According to Us Magazine, Karl Lagerfeld chose Lily-Rose for the ad campaign himself. It will debut officially in September, but Chanel did share a 12-second long video clip of the photo shoot, and that is the source of the trouble.

Lagerfeld spoke about his selection of Lily-Rose for the new Chanel Eyewear collection.

“She’s a young girl from a new generation with all the qualities of a star. [In the photoshoot, she is a] baby-doll in a world imbued with sweetness and femininity.”

Lily-Rose is not the first one in her family to work with Chanel. Her mother, Vanessa Paradis, has worked with Chanel for many years, and she is close friends with Lagerfeld. Just last week, mother and daughter were in Paris to appear in the Chanel fall-winter 2015 Haute Couture show. E! Online reported that Lily-Rose walked the runway with the daughter of Phil Collins, actress Lily Collins.

Lily-Rose is excited to join the Chanel family. She posted about the honor on her Instagram, and she thanked Lagerfeld.

However, the Daily Mail reported that Johnny Depp is being criticized for allowing his daughter to pose so sexily in the photo shoot. Dr. Michelle Elliot, a child psychologist, shared her opinion on the photo shoot.

“Sixteen-year-olds are not mentally, emotionally or intellectually able to cope with the pressures that these modelling situations place them in. I would not allow my daughter to become a model at that age. I don’t think children are ready to take on the pressures at that age. Research shows that even 16-year-olds who think they are grown up find it difficult to handle pressures of grownups. We know the effects, by and large, are not good.”

However, many readers slammed the report in the comments to it. They did not think Johnny Depp should bear the blame for his daughter’s Chanel ad. She is raised by her mother. He is not the custodial parent.

One person commented, “Why blame the father? The girl lives with her mother, Vanessa Paradis, who probably gave her permission. Lots of 16 year old girls are models, I can’t see a problem, close ups of her face with sunglasses. It isn’t porn and as we know there is always someone always ready to criticize.”

Another reader commented and said, “Go look at Bella Thorna and Kylie Jenners campaigns and come back to me.”

However, another reader expanded on the comments and the debate by talking about the manner that children with famous parents are raised.

“It’s just so hard to be a kid these days, especially if you’re a girl. I’m glad I don’t have kids growing up in these times. Looking at the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kaia Gerber and now Lily-Rose (who was stepping out in skin-tight hot-pants at the age of 12), it’s depressing really that kids can’t be kids anymore but are expected to behave like adults as soon as they hit their teens, sometimes even sooner. Girls are being sexualized at far too young an age, it is really worrying.”

Lily-Rose is not the only daughter of a famous parent making headlines for modeling this week though. Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, appeared in a photo spread for Vogue Italia earlier month, and she will appear in an upcoming issue of the CR Fashion Book, according to This is not the first time for Kaia. She started at the age of 10 with a Versace campaign.

In addition to her modeling, Kaia will soon appear in a new indie film. She has been cast in Sister Cities, and she will star alongside Stana Katic, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jess Weixler, and Troian Bellisario. Sean Hanish is directing the film, and he spoke about casting the 13-year-old in an interview with People Magazine, according to Huffington Post.

“Kaia blew me away in her audition. Her instincts and maturity are impressive for her age. I’m thrilled to cast her [Gerber] and very excited to direct her in her film debut. She has a very bright future.”

As for Lily-Rose, her father, Johnny Depp, has been in hot water after a recent trip to Australia. The actor managed to smuggle his dogs in, and now his wife, Amber Heard, is facing charges.

What do you think of Lily-Rose Depp’s Chanel photo shoot? Is it too much for a 16-year-old?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]