Prince William: Kate Lookalike Working With Prince William On First Hospital Run

Prince William was working with a Kate lookalike while bringing a patient to a hospital by helicopter recently. According to the Mail Online, William flew the chopper as Dr. Gemma Mullen — who looks a lot like Kate Middleton — tended to the patient. This was the Prince’s first rescue flying mission, and hospital staff members were thrilled when his chopper landed, most noticing that the doctor on board looked like William’s wife.

“You could see William in the front seat of the helicopter when it touched down on the helipad. The patient was unloaded by paramedics and taken inside. William got out and had a look around, checking everything was OK with his chopper. Word got around the hospital pretty quickly that he had flown in and some nurses who were on a break rushed out to see if they could see him. They were all trying to take pictures on their phones and were waving as he took off,” shared a source.

Prince William and the Kate lookalike are both in the news for different reasons today. While many are interested in hearing about William’s first helicopter rescue, others can’t seem to get over just how much Gemma Mullen resembles the Duchess Of Cambridge. According to the International Business Times, it was Mullen’s brown hair and her smile that made people do a double take.

Of course, it wasn’t a Kate Middleton sighting at all. The Duchess is at home caring for Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 2 months, while William just started his new job as an East Anglian Air Ambulance pilot.

Gemma Mullen has been talked about quite a bit since she started working with Prince William. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are some outlets making a fuss about this, suggesting that Duchess Kate has a problem with her husband working with someone who looks like her.

“If there’s one thing the Duchess does not need in her life right now, it’s William and his chopper anywhere near a woman who is basically a reminder of how much more exciting life was B.C. – before children,” wrote Sarah Vine for the Mail Online.

The internet was quite offended by Vine’s suggestion, and some chose to slam the report — and Vine — on social media.

William and Kate are happily married, and most people know that the Duchess has absolutely nothing to worry about.

[Photo by WPA Pool / Getty Images]