Mother Tragically Dies When Trying To Break Up A Fight Between Her Son And Husband

Ann Hay, 55, couldn’t have predicted the tragic outcome of her attempt to break up a fight between her husband and son outside the Aramac Hotel on Gordon Street, in Aramac in outback Queensland. In a freak accident, she hit her head and, apparently believing that she was unharmed, went home. Later, she fell into a coma because of an apparent brain injury. She was taken to the Barcaldine Hospital and was later flown then flown onto Townsville. Unfortunately, she never awakened from the coma, and she died, according to METRO.

She and her husband and son were active members of their community. Raving about what a great person Hay was and how her family cared for the town’s people, a friend stated that “[they’re] just wonderful people. Nothing was ever too hard [for her]. Nothing….She welcomed me into her family and her home when I first met them 10 years.”

The small town of 330 is still reeling from Hay’s death on Wednesday. An unnamed friend of Hay indicated that Hay’s family had been in the town for many years — for generations — and was well-respected, according to the Daily Mail, and stated the following about the incident that led to Hay’s death.

“It was absolutely a one in a 50 billion chance. It was total accident.”

Local councillor and friend Gary Peoples also raved about Hay, calling her “a beautiful person,” and stated the following:

“She loved her family to no end. I’ve never met a nicer person. The family is going through a lot of grief at the moment. It’s just one of those terrible accidents.”

Mrs. Hay volunteered to needy causes and charities in her small town, and even drove the cattle during a yearly event. She will be missed by the tight-knit community of which she was a vital part. Although the police are investigating the incident, neither Hay’s husband nor her son have been charged with any offense.

Sometimes a horrific accident occurs–with a miraculous ending. Taylor Hale’s life was like any other teen’s four years ago. She looked forward to get-togethers with friends after a high school football game. She was a 14-year-old freshman at the time, living in Iowa, and begged her mother to go out with friends.

Hours later, Hale’s mother, Stacey Henningsen, received the call no parent wants to get. Taylor was being taken to a hospital by ambulance after being in a car accident. In a freak accident, Taylor had playfully jumped on the hood of a friend’s car. She was flung off the hood onto the pavement, tragically hitting her head and remaining unconscious, having sustained a very severe traumatic brain injury. She recovered, believing divine intervention was responsible, according to an article from Inquisitr.

[Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]