The iPhone, iPod, And MacBook Are More Popular Than The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch appears to be Apple’s biggest failure in several years. According to CNN Money, there is more interest in the iPod than there is in the Apple Watch.

“A search on Google (GOOG) Trends comparing five of Apple’s products — iPod, Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch — reveals that people are searching for the Watch far less than any of the other Apple products. The iPhone is by far Apple’s most-searched product, followed the iPad.”

CNN Money then reveals that the Mac and iPod trail the iPad by a sizeable margin. When looking at figures for the Watch, it only generated about half the search traffic of the iPod, and one-sixteenth that of the iPhone.

CNN Money goes on to note that Apple has been silent about exact sales figures for the Watch, and there is a good reason for that. Last week, Slice Intelligence reported there was a 90 percent decline in Apple Watch orders. The watch can be a bigger flop for Apple than the Microsoft Zune was for Microsoft.

However, not everybody dislikes the Apple Watch. Brooke Crothers, of Discovery News, says the Apple Watch made her a convert.

“I thought the Apple Watch was pointless. I was wrong. Though I’ve been writing about the Apple Watch for some time and have tested it repeatedly at the Apple Store since its April release, I had always thought the wearable device was a gimmick.”

Crothers goes on to note that she believes that in five years, everybody will be wearing the Apple Watch or a device very similar to it. She especially believes that the watch is good for messaging, since one doesn’t have to bend over and constantly get their phone out of their pockets.

BGR‘s Jonathan Geller also points out the significance of the Apple Watch.

“I walk around my house or office without my phone anymore. If I get an important call, I can answer it quickly and if it’s going to be longer than a minute or two, I go get my phone and transfer the call there. If I get an important message, I respond on the watch, and if I can’t, I go to my phone.”

Gellar notes that by separating and freeing himself from the phone, it sucks him in less. He is also in awe over the watch design, and believes that even though the first generation of the Apple Watch isn’t perfect, it’s a winner.

Do you think people just want Apple to fail with the new watch? Do you have an Apple Watch? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section.

[Photo by Pablo Cuadra / Stringer / Getty Images]