Nicolle Wallace: ‘View’ Host Fired Over Kim Kardashian’s Marriage History?

Patrick Frye - Author

Jul. 16 2015, Updated 10:09 a.m. ET

TV producers have taken away Nicolle Wallace’s View job and, apparently, it is for one of the oddest reasons ever. Reports are claiming that Wallace’s lack of knowledge about Kim Kardashian’s marriage was a contributing factor, never mind that Wallace is not enough of a screaming conservative compared to progressive The View hosts.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the cast of the View has been shaking up a lot in recent times. Rosie Perez was also let go, and Michelle Collins was hired to fill the gap.

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Before joining The View, Nicolle Wallace was the former communications chief for George W. Bush and senior adviser for the presidential campaign for John McCain and Sarah Palin. According to Fox News, “sources tell Deadline that producers decided Wallace was not a good fit for the show because she did not disagree strongly with the other co-hosts as often as hoped — and was not particularly well-versed on celebrities and things pop culture.”

In short, Wallace was not yelling at her political opposites as hoped. Reports claim Wallace is likely to be replaced by Kirk Cameron’s sister, Candace Cameron Bure, because she and Raven-Symone started arguing over an Oregon bakery’s refusal to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Bure said it was not about gay marriage but an issue of “religious freedoms and the freedom of association.” Of course, this statement lit the progressive View hosts on fire.

Deadline also highlighted the other major reason Nicolle Wallace’s View job was likely to be as short-lived as Kim Kardashian’s marriage history. Producers believed Nicolle was “not particularly well-versed on celebrities and things pop culture,” which included knowing that Kim Kardashian’s husband used to be Kris Humphries. (Reports apparently forgot all about poor Damon Thomas, but that was well over 10 years ago, which is like geological time in celebrity news.)

Variety claims the network asked that Nicolle Walace’s View showings still be occasional during the next season, but supposedly that is not an option, since Wallace had her feelings hurt by being fired from the full-time position.


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