WWE Rumors: UFC Fighter Teased For ‘WrestleMania 32’ Appearance At ESPY Awards

WWE is really planning on bringing forth a gigantic event next year with WrestleMania 32, especially if it is the career-ending match for The Undertaker. With WWE going for an all-time attendance record, you can bet they will bring out all the stops. That includes the rumored appearance of a huge UFC superstar by the name of Ronda Rousey, and her showing up is still being teased.

The ESPYs were held this evening and none other than WWE big-up Stephanie McMahon was in attendance. She was there to enjoy the entire night and see who got what award, but she was also there to support her friend, Ronda Rousey.

Stephanie was tweeting all evening from the ESPY Awards, and she even met up with Ronda Rousey on the red carpet. The UFC fighter was up for “Best Female Athlete,” and McMahon couldn’t help but throw out a tease about next year.

Even though McMahon may have been joking a little bit, this is still to keep it fresh in the minds of the fans — WWE wants Rousey at WrestleMania 32.

wwe rumors ronda rousey wrestlemania

After she showed up at WrestleMania 31, rumors began flying about whether or not she would show up in a WWE ring again. That was when the rumors started of Ronda Rousey taking on Stephanie McMahon at the big event next year.

The feud was set in motion and it would have reminders put out throughout the year before culminating in WrestleMania 32. Well, the rumors caused UFC president Dana White to speak out on what Rousey had done and what she would do with WWE in the future.

“What she did on WWE was awesome. We came off great. I loved it. She’s a one-and-done.”

He made it a point to throw in that her one-time appearance in WWE would be the only thing she would do with the company. On the other hand, Rousey has said a number of times that she loved what she did with WWE and hoped to work with them again someday.

The time between one WrestleMania to the next is a full year and a lot can change in that amount of time. Dana White may change his mind by then if WWE can come up with something that won’t jeopardize one of his star athletes.

Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon met up at the ESPYs this evening, and the WWE head honcho teased a WrestleMania 32 fight. It’s still a long time off and it may never happen, but if Rousey has anything to say about it, she will be in a WWE ring in Texas in 2016.

[Image via WWE]