Video Reveals El Chapo’s Ingenious Escape From Prison

El Chapo is arguably the most notorious drug lord of recent times. With an estimated net worth of more than a billion dollars according to Forbes, El Chapo is also deemed to be one of the most powerful in existence.

El Chapo has, however, drawn mixed reactions amongst populations. For example, in Mexico and particularly in Sinaloa, where El Chapo hails from, he is regarded to be a legend.

El Chapo is so popular in the region that, when he was arrested in 2014, protests were held to demand for his release.

However, in the United States, and specifically in Chicago, El Chapo has for a long time been named the State’s Public Enemy Number One by the Chicago Crime Commission.

The only other person to ever be tagged with the title was Al Capone.

A few days ago, El Chapo escaped from the Altiplano maximum security prison through a hole near his shower area that went on for about a mile and ended up in an unfinished building located in the middle of a field.

Now, though, surveillance footage showing the moment he escaped has been released.

The video starts as El Chapo looks down at a partitioned section of his cell for a few seconds, but taking care not to linger there for long.

He then paces up and down his cell, while dressed in prison attire as if contemplating what to do while taking a glance at the spot where his escape hole is presumably located.

After a few moments, El Chapo seems to kneel down as if arranging something in the area and afterwards goes to sit down on his bed. Finally, he abruptly walks to the partitioned area, bends down, and that’s the last time he is spotted by the cameras.

Here is the footage.

The prison escape is El Chapo’s second. El Chapo was in 1993 arrested in Guatemala, but extradited to his country – Mexico, where he was handed a 20-year jail sentence. However, he managed to escape in a laundry basket in 2001 after doling out bribes to corrupt prison officials.

This is according to the BBC.

About 48 hours after his escape, a Twitter account linked to El Chapo posted threats to Donald Trump, who has recently been making public comments against the general Mexican population saying the nation sends people who bring crime and drugs into the United States.

The Twitter account, apparently controlled by one of El Chapo’s sons, posted a message to Donald Trump vowing to make him swallow his words. This is as reported by the Telegraph.

[Joaquín Guzmán Loera photographed by Fabrizio León Diez/Wikipedia]