Sex Offender Raped Prostitute At Knifepoint: Jailed For Five Years

Faizan Ali, 24, who had a record as a sex offender and is on the Sex Offenders Register, raped a defenseless prostitute at knifepoint in a city park at Edinburgh’s Leith Links on November 14, 2014. The unnamed woman wept as she recounted her horrific ordeal in court. Ali’s forcing himself on her left her feeling “violated and scared,” according to the Daily Record.

Last month, Ali was convicted of rape. He has a history of mental illness and previously lived with his mother. The jury heard the victim’s account of the terrifying attack she was subjected to, and the judge rendered a sentence. The woman, whose name was withheld because of legal reasons, recounted how Ali repeatedly demanded that she give him money, which she told him she didn’t have on her at the time.

He held a knife against her body, sticking it into her ribs, forcing her to perform a sex act before raping her. He then callously forced her to perform another sex act on him. The victim noted that the ordeal seemed to last a “lifetime.” She cried throughout the nightmare, and apparently fearing for her life, she attempted to play on his sympathy, telling him that she has a daughter. She stated the following, according to the Mirror.

“I felt violated and scared. I told him I had a daughter….I was crying through the whole thing begging him to stop, but he wouldn’t….He stuck the knife into my ribs….He told me that he would stab the life out of me if I didn’t get the money out of my account…I remember saying he raped me, he attacked me; that he had a knife.”

The judge, Lord Burns, had no sympathy for the attacker, who he noted took advantage of the victim because she was “vulnerable” and a “prostitute.” Burns stated that he hopes that Ali gets the help he needs, but that the public needs to be protected from him–especially because he believes that there is a high likelihood that Ali would commit similar offenses given the chance to do so.

The victim only escaped when two men walking through the park approached Ali. She managed to free herself.

The defense attorney, Brian Gilfedder, indicated that his client’s status was now stable, as Ali is taking medication for his psychosis. He noted that his client had spent time in the state hospital in Carstairs, but was transferred to a mental health facility in Edinburgh.

Burns sentenced Ali to five years in jail and also said that Ali should be supervised by the authorities for three years following his release from jail.

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One of the most well-known personalities who is accused of being a sex offender by dozens of women is Bill Cosby. Though never convicted, many now question whether he committed offenses over the years.
Sealed testimony that Bill Cosby probably never expected to be made public was released last week and blew the lid off the beloved comic and television dad’s public persona. According to an article on the Inquisitr, Cosby admitted in a 2006 lawsuit to drugging women he wanted to have sex with. He confessed that he drugged at least one women with Quaaludes. Over 30 women now have come forth claiming that he drugged or attempted to drug and attempted to or did grope or have sex with them. Some of these victims even claim that they were raped.

[Photo Courtesy Police Scotlund]