South African Boy, 16, Decapitated In Front Of Fellow Classmates As He Stuck His Head Out Of Moving School Bus

Angelica N. Sumter

A 16-year-old South African boy died suddenly after being decapitated in front of fellow classmates as he stuck his head out of the window of a moving school bus, Daily Mail reported.

An unnamed teen boy of Lesotho, who attended Molapo High School, was traveling in a school bus along with 45 classmates and teachers when the bus struck an unknown object. Curious to uncover what transpired, he stuck his head out the window as the bus was moving down a narrow street, and tragedy struck.

The teen boy was decapitated by an electrical pole in front of his classmates and teachers, killing him instantly.

"It first hit this sign; everybody was still inside the bus. The boy then peeked his head out the window – he was sitting near the back – to see what was happening and before he knew it, he was struck by the sign on the second pole," said a security guard, who asked to remain anonymous.

"I think the bus was trying to avoid hitting the side mirrors of a car parked on the side of the road, but then it drifted closer to the pole," said Bongani Dlamini, who witnessed the horrific bus accident as he stood on Anton Lembede Street.

"At that moment, the child peeped out the window and looked behind him (to see the sign the bus had struck) and by the time he looked where the bus was heading, it was too late to draw his head back in."
"I wanted to help, but I couldn't. He was still breathing – blood still gushing – when I got to him. But there was absolutely nothing I could do for him.

It hurts to see such a thing happen, especially for me as a parent."

It hurts to see such a thing happen, especially for me as a parent."

"We usually come here in groups. The pupils are very traumatized. One of them has been admitted to hospital and some of them have been taken to get counselling," he said.

Police spokesman Thulani Zwane said that no one has been arrested in the school bus tragedy. However, the bus driver was taken into custody for questioning.