Matthew Muller & Denise Huskins: ‘Gone Girl’ Kidnapping Not A Hoax, Matthew Muller Arrested

Matthew Muller has been arrested for kidnapping Denise Huskins, 29. According to CBS News, police in California have charged Muller after a March 23 home invasion that was originally thought to be part of some kind of hoax.

Once Muller got what he wanted, he basically freed Huskins — and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn — so it didn’t actually look like a traditional kidnapping, which is what originally threw police off. They thought it was a prank of some sort, something similar to the film Gone Girl.

“The FBI said in a statement Monday that in the early morning on March 23 in Vallejo, Huskins and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, were awakened by a bright light. Quinn told police he heard a noise similar to a stun gun, and then a man, identified by police has suspect Matthew Muller, allegedly told Huskins and Quinn to lie face down on the bed. The suspect allegedly ordered Huskins to bind Quinn with zip ties and then made them go into a bedroom closet.”

Matthew Muller took Denise Huskins from the home, leaving Quinn on a couch. Quinn says that he fell asleep, and once he woke up, he was able to free himself. Huskins, however, was gone. Police received a ransom demand to the tune of $8,500, but two days later, Huskins was found safe and sound near her parents’ house in Huntington Beach.

“There is no evidence to support the claims that this was a stranger abduction, or an abduction at all. Given the facts that have been presented thus far, this event appears to be an orchestrated event and not a kidnapping,” said Vallejo Police Dept. spokesman Kenny Park.

However, weeks later, Muller struck again. Another home robbery on June 5 saw Muller arrested. The similarities in that case had the FBI involved, and Muller was finally held accountable for the robbery and kidnapping that he almost got away with.

According to HNGN, the FBI says that it was “recently discovered evidence” that linked Muller to both cases, and led to his arrest.

“[FBI Special Agent Jason Walter] revealed that investigators discovered a laptop that was similar to the one Quinn had when they arrested Muller. When investigators searched a stolen car, it turned up several items such as a water pistol, a flashlight and laser pointer.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, no other arrests have been made in connection with this case.

[Photo via CBS News]