Police Arrest Homeless Man Who Has 'Dine-And-Dashed' At Walt Disney World For 10 Years

Danny Cox

Some may think that taking a vacation at Walt Disney World is too expensive and is too much money for a trip. Others really love it and will do anything to get there, but sometimes that can cause a bit of trouble. Trouble is exactly what a homeless man got when he was arrested by Orange County deputies for being a serial Disney World Dine-And-Dasher.

According to Click Orlando, Jerry Moody, 51, has been stealing from Disney and has been doing it for over 10 years.

The police report for Moody states that he "preys on the tourist area," and that he is believed to be homeless. He will go into an upscale, or any, restaurant and order a meal like anyone else. After dining, he will skip out on the check without paying.

Some of the restaurants that Moody has hit, state that he has a clean-cut appearance and never seems suspicious. Well, that is, until he walks out without paying for his meal.

This past Tuesday, Moody had gone to Disney's Contemporary Resort, one of the deluxe locations on property. He built up a bar tab of $92.65 and actually refused to pay it when asked by the staff of The Wave restaurant.

When Disney Cast Members continued to ask Moody to pay his bill, he tried to run out of the restaurant.

On Monday night, Moody had gone to Disney's Polynesian Resort, another deluxe location, and had done the same thing.

Once he was arrested by Orange County police deputies, Moody flat out admitted that he has been a Disney dine-and-dasher since back in 2005. Records show that he's been arrested dozens of times and ignores any trespassing warnings he's been given.

When asked why he ignores those trespass warnings and keeps doing what he is doing, Moody simply said that he "likes to come to Disney."

Walt Disney World isn't the only tourist area that Moody likes to take his dine-and-dashing ways to. He has also frequented a number of dining locations on International Drive and near the Universal Studios Orlando theme park area.

For one of his past arrests, Moody said the restaurant actually recognized him as the serial dine-and-dasher. He even asked them why they served him food if they knew he wasn't going to pay them for it.

Moody has been charged with defrauding an innkeeper and trespassing on property after a warning. He's actually banned from a number of restaurants on Walt Disney World property, but somehow the dine-and-dasher keeps finding ways to get back in unnoticed and do what he does best.

[Image via Click Orlando]