Bully Security Guard Caught Harassing Citizens, Learns Epic Lesson From Real Cop [Video]

Everyone knows law enforcement officers have a bad reputation because of stereotypes that have been magnified due to the dirty dealings of some who feel they are above the law. Although all officers are supposed to be men and women of honor, unfortunately, not all are. However, a recent clip of one man upholding the law definitely proves they don’t all have hidden agendas. In fact, there are some who actually do their job with the best interest of citizens in mind.

The 30-second clip documents an argument that took place on Saturday, July 4, between a security guard and a police officer. Apparently, the bully security guard was hounding and harassing local citizens who were watching a firework show. However, his aggressive tactics were thwarted when a real police officer intervened on their behalf.

Although the specific circumstances that led to the citizens’ disagreement with the security guard are unknown, what is clear is that the cop definitely took the security guard’s harassment seriously and had absolutely no reservations about setting him straight.

Throughout the clip, the cop throws the book at the security guard, reiterating the citizens’ rights in contrast with the guard’s job description. He made it clear that the citizens were allowed to be on the property where they were watching the fireworks show. Based on the officer’s arguments, the property is presumably the citizens’ own residence. He also cited that they are not required to submit to being searched without a proper warrant. By the end of the video, the bully security backs down and ultimately concedes. The cop’s direct orders were definitely heard loud and clear. Needless to say, the security guard had no further argument.

In three days, the video has received almost one million views. Most viewers slammed the bully security guard and even insisted he’s allowed his position to go to his head, while many others have applauded the cop for upholding the law.

[Image via WSHH Screen Capture]