‘General Hospital’ Tidbits: Lucky Tackles A Big Reveal Back In Port Charles [Spoilers]

This has been a big week on General Hospital, given the stunning reveal that a supposedly dead Port Charles resident is actually very much alive. Viewers saw some of this play out throughout the week, but the Monday, July 13 episode is slated to be a big one. What General Hospital spoilers are available for this episode?

As fans saw on Friday’s episode, Liz’s son Jake is still alive and has been with Helena Cassadine since the accident that supposedly killed him. Luke Spencer met with the boy and, it’s time for him to head home. Fans were left hanging as Lucky and the little guy prepared to reveal the news, and Liz and big Jake confessed their love for one another.

On Monday’s show, viewers will see Lucky and Liz catching up a bit as Lucky tries to figure out the best way to tell Liz about their son, Jake. A General Hospital spoiler sneak peek from ABC shows Liz mentioning that she’s gotten serious with big “Jake.” Then she talks a bit about little Jake and tells Lucky about how Josslyn is now cancer-free. As Liz mentions how their son saved Josslyn, Lucky says that he doesn’t think Jake is responsible for that.

Naturally, that should be a bit confusing for Liz. There’s no reason for her to think that little Jake is alive or that the way things played out years ago were any different from what they thought they saw at the time. While Lucky appears to feel anxious about how to break this news to Liz, it seems that he will. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Elizabeth gets news on Monday’s show that is considered unbelievable, and there’s really no other way to describe this one.

Given the fact that Luke and little Jake are outside as Lucky talks to Liz, it seems certain that Elizabeth will indeed learn that her son is still alive on Monday’s show. There’s no doubt that this will be a powerful and emotional episode, and fans hope it can live up to the killer moments everybody got between Lucky and Luke in Friday’s episode. Interestingly, there’s very little mentioned about Liz or little Jake in General Hospital spoilers for the remainder of the week, though surely there will be more ahead for viewers on this front as the week plays out.

How will the news that little Jake is alive affect Liz’s approach to her relationship with big “Jake” and the fact she knows he’s really Jason and little Jake’s biological father? Fans are definitely anxious to find out. Also ahead on Monday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers tease that big Jake and Monica will spend some nice time together while Lulu confronts Dante about the kiss he shared with Valerie. He’ll hide the full truth from her, at least at first, and it would seem there are some rocky times ahead for these two.

The episodes airing during the week of July 13 are shaping up to be dramatic, powerful ones, and fans can’t wait to see them. Lucky won’t be sticking around in Port Charles for long, but viewers do still have a couple more weeks of episodes with Anthony Geary’s Luke Spencer in the mix. How does Luke finally depart? What comes next with little Jake in the mix? Fans can’t wait to find out, and it all plays out weekdays on General Hospital.

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