‘General Hospital’ Teasers: Shocking Revelations Shake Up Port Charles [Spoilers]

Monday’s episode of General Hospital was a wild one as fans finally got some big developments.

Jonathan Jackson is back as Lucky Spencer and he saved his parents from perishing at Frank Smith’s hand. However, big revelations came with the encounter and fans are dying to know what comes next. What General Hospital spoilers are available for Tuesday’s show?

As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, viewers just learned that Lucky was actually in on his own disappearance to an extent, but he says he had no choice. He then breaks the news that General Hospital spoiler fans have been speculating about for a while now: it seems that Liz’s son Jake may still be alive. How did this happen and when will the news be revealed to those in Port Charles? It seems it’s going to play out to a large extent this week, though from the sounds of things fans may be left hanging a bit when it comes to Tuesday’s episode.

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Lucky will be showing up on Liz’s doorstep soon, seemingly on Friday’s episode, but will he show up with little Jake in tow? According to actor Jonathan Jackson’s chat with TVLine, Lucky is only back for four episodes, so whatever happens on this front will play out rather quickly.

Everybody believed that Jake, who is actually Jason Morgan’s biological son rather than Lucky’s, died in a hit and run accident with Luke at the wheel several years ago. However, it seems that may not have been the case. Viewers are very anxious to see what Lucky has to say about all of this.

Of course, if little Jake really is alive, there are a lot of tidbits that need to be explained. As fans will remember, Jake had been on life support and his kidney was donated to Josslyn Jacks. Granted in the land of soap operas, there’s always a way to work around such things. If Liz’s son with Jason is indeed alive, that will surely serve to shake things up significantly once the mysterious Jake finally realizes he is Jason.

We Love Soaps teases General Hospital spoilers that Tracy will head to the airport on Tuesday to head out of town and she runs into someone familiar. It seems this may be her ex, Paul Hornsby, Dillon’s father. Why is Paul visiting Port Charles? It would seem that this will be the surprise visitor Dillon soon receives, and there’s buzz that there may be another family member of Paul’s in town that will come as a surprise to Dillon and fans.

Hayden has been in a coma for a bit now, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be some new developments on that front in Tuesday’s show. Patrick reportedly learns that Hayden is on the verge of coming out of her coma. It seems that when Jake and Sam learn the news that she’s about to awake, they hightail it to the hospital to see if they can learn what the big secret is that she’s been hiding.

Tuesday’s show will also feature some talk of Brad and Lucas’ wedding, but Brad refers to a secret he’s keeping from his beau. Liz and Nikolas will talk about continuing to keep the secret that Jake is Jason while Lulu returns to town and worries about explaining her absence to Dante. As fans know, though, Dante now has his own big secret that could spell big trouble for his marriage.

Just what is the truth about Liz’s son Jake and Lucky’s disappearance? How much more is there to play out before Luke Spencer leaves Port Charles for good? When will Jake’s identity as Jason be revealed? Fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action as it plays out weekdays on General Hospital.

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