Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton Supports One Direction, Who Knew?

Earlier this week, it was reported in Inquisitr that boyband One Direction launched a campaign to make the world a better place. One Direction called on their army of fans to help to put pressure on world leaders to take positive action to eradicate world poverty, inequality, and climate change. The project known as Action 1D calls on One Direction fans to share pictures and video of things they believe need to be changed in an effort to ensure that world leaders take positive action at two key United Nations summits on humanitarian issues and climate change later this year.

Launching the campaign, One Direction star Harry Styles said, “2015 is a year like no other and we want you to really make it count. You guys are truly amazing and over the years you’ve shown us what you can achieve if you rally together.”


One Direction’s campaign is already winning support from their millions of fans, and amongst them is none other than U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Music Times reports that Clinton, the former first lady, took to social media platform Twitter to throw her support behind One Direction’s campaign.

Clinton said, “The boys are right. We need everyone’s help to get the planet moving in the right direction.”

Clinton even included the hashtag #action1D.


CNN concedes that the average One Direction fan may not fall into the demographic that Clinton will be looking to support her in next year’s presidential campaign should she win her party’s nomination. However, the issues raised by One Direction, “extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change,” are all key issues in Hillary Clinton’s election campaign as she works to secure the democratic party nomination.

Whilst One Direction’s initiative has been broadly welcomed, some have accused the band of hypocrisy by talking about tackling climate change when they frequently travel in not one but two private jets between shows. The Daily Mail reported that last May, Harry Styles and Niall Horan boarded one private jet to fly from Glasgow to Dublin while the other members of the band took a second private plane. At the time, a spokesman told the Mail that “the band often take two planes and it just depends who gets on what plane.”

Action 1D sees One Direction working in partnership with Save the Children to highlight what many people see as the most pressing problems of our time. One Direction’s fans have frequently shown that they can raise large sums of cash for charities supported by the band, and now One Direction have challenged them to help tackle much bigger issues.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]