Tyree Carroll Video With 26 Cops: Philadelphia Police Beat 22-Year-Old Unarmed Black Man Riding His Bike [Graphic Video]

The YouTube video titled "Philadelphia Cops Beat and Tase Black Man While He Screams for His Grandma" on the YouTube channel of Jasmyne Cannick is currently going viral. According to Jasmyne, who is a Los Angeles-based blogger and journalist, the video shows a level of beating upon 22-year-old Tyree Carroll that is reminiscent of another famous beating that sparked riots.

"A new video out of Philadelphia shows a young Black man being severely beaten and tased by Philadelphia officers in what can only remind you of Rodney King."
Cannick's video on YouTube is going viral. As reported by Raw Story, no less than 26 cops descend upon Carroll after Jasmyne says he was stopped after riding his bike.

Be warned: The following YouTube video contains graphic violence and language.

In the video, cops can be seen kicking the man while he lays on the ground. Another police officer shouts about tasing the man.

"I have a f****** Taser, here I come! You're getting the f****** Taser!"

"Tase that m***********."

Throughout the video, the narrator describes what she sees to her companion, beginning with her surprise at the police beating the man and kicking him. She reports seeing the man getting tased by police as many as five times. The woman continues to count as more and more police show up. She mentions to her companion that 26 police officers are eventually on the scene -- counting 24 white officers, 2 black officers and a total of 11 police squad cars on the scene.

The large amount of police presence seemed like overkill to the videographer.

"Four cops had him, he wasn't going no where. Thank God he lived — right now."
According to Cannick's website, the video was just made available, even though the arrest happened on April 3 around 7:30 p.m.

Tyree was indeed arrested and faced charges of assault, resisting arrest, and drug charges. More than three months after the arrest of Carroll, he is still in jail and has an arraignment date set for July 21. Meanwhile, the viral video is causing a heated reaction online.

As reported by the Inquisitr, another recent viral video showed a bloodied man on the ground in Cincinnati's Fountain Square as onlookers alternately seemed to mock him, while others called for folks to help the victim. With this latest police beating video making the rounds, the power of social media once again rears its head.

[Image via YouTube]