Is Caitlyn Jenner Joining 'American Horror Story' Season 5? Plus Matt Bomer Teases Lady Gaga's Super Secret Role

There may be an exciting new cast member added to American Horror Story's fifth season. With a few of the actors, including Jessica Lange, deciding not to return for American Horror Story: Hotel, creator Ryan Murphy stated that he might consider adding Caitlyn Jenner to the series as a replacement for Lange.

According to Hollywood Life, once Murphy noticed the comparisons between Jenner and Lange, he told Lange that he thought the two looked alike. "What I thought was the greatest thing of all was, [Jessica] said, 'I love that.' I thought [Jessica] handled that in such a great, classy way … She said, 'wait a minute, what? Oh, that's great.' I like that, I thought that was wonderful actually."

Although the two certainly bear a resemblance, it's still a question as to whether or not Murphy will include Jenner in the upcoming season. In that regard, Murphy stated that he is at least considering it.

"Maybe I'll put Caitlyn on Horror Story... You never know. I wonder if she would act?"
Murphy added that he is a big fan of Caitlyn Jenner and that he is proud to live in a world that accepts her for who she is.
"I'm a big fan of [Caitlyn's],... And I'm really proud to live in a world with five years ago, if that had happened, it would be totally different. I thought [the comparisons] became instantly like a compliment as opposed to a detriment. I love that."
Meanwhile, American Horror Story: Hotel will see the cast moving to a hotel in Los Angeles for Season 5. Along with the changes in setting and storyline, a number of new characters are set to be introduced, including one played by Lady Gaga and another by Matt Bomer.

According to Melty, Bomer is excited to be working with Murphy on the show.

"Anytime I work with Ryan, he's always bringing something to the table that is fresh and exciting."
Bomer went on to reveal that he would be spending a lot of time working with Gaga for the first couple episodes in the new season. He also stated that the role Murphy has slated for Gaga was "spot on."

Along with the changes in cast members, which could include "It Girl" Caitlyn Jenner, the creators of American Horror Story: Hotel have promised that the new season would be a "huge reinvention" of the show. This should give fans something to look forward to until the show's October premiere.

[Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair]