Brittney Palmer's Husband Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Kill The UFC Octagon Girl [Video]

Brittney Palmer, who is an Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) Octagon girl and one of the hottest women around, according to Maxim, has alleged her husband "tossed her around like a rag doll and choked her so brutally," according to TMZ, that he's been arrested for the attempted murder of his wife.

He was released on a $1 million bail the day after he was arrested, documents reveal, although the Los Angeles County District Attorney hasn't decided if her husband will be charged, and what he will be charged with, reports

TMZ reports that Brittney and her husband wrangled in an epic fight because her husband, Aaron Zalewski, lost his mind when he heard a casting agent call Palmer "babe" over the phone. Brittney's husband reportedly went "ballistic"and tried choking her in retaliation.

Documents obtained by TMZ report that the Los Angeles Police Department alleges he tried to physically rip the phone from Brittney -- Aaron then noticed she was recording everything they were saying. At some point, he threw Palmer, who hit her head on a bed post, reports TMZ.

Before he was arrested, Palmer told authorities he said, "Pack your f**king bags and go!", although he wouldn't let her leave. He then threw her around again, and pinned her to the mattress, allegedly with his knee in her back. Brittney claims she had difficulty breathing for two minutes during the struggle.

The fight took a frightening turn when Palmer's husband turned on himself.

Either before or after he was arrested, it's not clear, Brittney Palmer alleged he scratched his own arms and told her, "Why are you making me do this? I just wanted you to love me." After the fight, Brittney was able to escape and call the police, who arrested him for attempted murder, spousal battery, and criminal threats, reports TMZ.

Brittney Palmer married Zalewski, who is in finance, back in 2014, and the two dated for a long time, reports Fox News. During her wedding, her mom walked her down the aisle, and a smiling and happy Palmer posted photos of the happy day on Instagram. Palmer has been an Ultimate Fighting Championship ring girl since 2011 after coming back from a sabbatical. It isn't clear where things went wrong in her marriage.

Brittney Palmer's husband is expected to appear in front of a judge July 8 to face the charges for which he was arrested.

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