Chloe Bartoli Cheating Scandal Makes Scott Disick’s Recent Instagram Post ‘Insensitive’

Those Chloe Bartoli Instagram images which surfaced a while back had gotten Scott Disick in enough trouble to lead to his looming divorce from Kourtney Kardashian. A recent post has appeared and only seems to make things look worse.

The infamous photos which led to Disick’s marriage woes included one which showed him cozying up to his celebrity stylist ex-girlfriend. In the photo, he was sharing wine and pasta with Bartoli in St. Tropez while he was still with Kourtney. Being in the celebrity spotlight, this was enough to raise public suspicion, but allegedly not enough to stop him from continuing to indulge in his partying lifestyle.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kourtney Kardashian has told the press that the kids are “better off” without Disick in their lives, and officially dumped him on Monday. If he is still partying in alleged defiance of his split with the Kardashian sister, she may be right. It could be a sign that he isn’t the type to settle down.

The Instagram post that has the internet screaming “scandal” even louder after the Chloe Bartoli photos features Disick next to a friend in what appears to be a club setting. The accompanying caption invites the public to “Come party with me this Friday in Vegas.”

The date printed on the photo states that the party is set for this Friday. Even his followers have called this an insensitive move so soon after his split with Kourtney in the comments on this post.

“I really like Scott, but he needs to get his priorities right.”

“Omg, you need a medal dude to find a way to make people hate you more? [I] cant wait to see those new pics of you wasted and looking like a mess, d**chebag.”

One even came out and compared Kourtney to Chloe, calling Chloe “disgusting,” and saying that Kourtney is a “gem.” Others don’t seem fazed by the celebrity and his partying and allegedly cheating lifestyle, but after this Instagram photo, the general consensus is clear.

So soon after the Chloe Bartoli cheating scandal, Disick’s timing for this party is awkward at best.

[Image via Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images]