Police Investigate Footage Showing UFOs In Mid-Air Collision Over St. Petersburg — UFO Hunters Say Could Be Exploding UFO Releasing Escape Pod [Video]

Russian police said they were investigating a mystery incident captured on camera that appears to show the moment that two UFOs collided and exploded mid-air over St. Petersburg — President Vladimir Putin’s hometown — on July 6, 2015.

A witness, a Russian student Ana Zhmaeva, recorded the incident. She thought she was filming a mid-air collision between planes flying over the city in western Russia.

“When I started filming the UFOs disappeared like they had exploded or crashed into each other. It looks like one of the objects takes a nose dive to the ground, with debris scattering across the sky.”

However, when she reported the incident, police said they were not able to trace any crashed object in the vicinity. They also said they did not receive any report of a mid-air collision in the area where the clip was taken. Yet, the footage appears to show an explosion following a collision between two UFOs. One of the UFOs appears to plunge to the ground as fragments scatter in the air.

Two UFOs In Mid-Air Collision Or A UFO Releasing An Escape Pod?

The mysterious incident sparked debate on Russian forums. Mirror reports that a Russian news website, NevNov, suggested that the “UFOs” could have been planes that crashed into each other.

However, UFO Sightings Hotspot suggests that the footage probably shows only one UFO that released an escape pod moments before it exploded. The pilot might have ejected from his spacecraft after it developed a fault that caused a mid-air explosion, according to the website.

“Instead of the second UFO taking a nose dive to the ground it looks like the second UFO (escaped pod) flies away before it disappears.”

Two UFOs In Mid-Air Collision Or A Single UFO Releasing An Escape Pod?

This could explain why police could not find evidence of a crashed flying object on the ground.

Russian media reports indicated that an air show was held near that area on the same day. But traffic controllers and organizers of the air show said there was no accident or crash during the show.

Meanwhile, police said they were looking at the video and investigating the nature of the incident it appears to show.

“We are carrying out further research into this case to find out what really happened.”

[Images: YouTube / Ana Zhmaeva via Mirror]