Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Won’t Be Released Until 2016: True Or Cruel Rumor?

Laptop and tablet hybrid fans have been patiently awaiting the Surface Pro 4. In fact, there is a whole forum dedicated to it in the Windows Central forums. Some commenters have talked about their wallets getting ready. There are a few who have a wait-and-see attitude, especially due to the (not proven) rumors of the Surface Pro 4 containing a less powerful Intel M chip rather than the Intel Core i5 and (in some models) the Core i7 chips we see on the Surface Pro 3.

At the end of May, many sources, including the Master Herald, believed that we would see the device in late July.

“Now that May is almost over, it is unlikely that Microsoft would still pull off a surprise and launch the Surface Pro 4. It is thus very likely that Microsoft would be launching the latest iteration to its hybrid device in July, which happens to be the same month that the company will be launching its Window 10 desktop and mobile operating system.”

It was presumed that the Surface Pro 4 would be announced during the first week of July if it was going to appear in stores by the end of the month. Because of the lack of announcements, rumors started appearing this morning that the Surface Pro 4 won’t appear in stores until 2016! WinBeta has the alleged bad news.

“There’s been no confirmation that a Surface Pro 4 is officially going to exist. In addition to the device only being rumored to exist, the potential release date in the second half of 2016 is speculation as well. That being said, there’s enough information here to peak interest and speculate.”

WinBeta goes on to note that none of the rumors, even the one that it will be released at the end of the month, can be completely trusted. However, like others, they believe that the Surface Pro 4 might not be ready to ship soon, especially because the Surface Pro 3 is still selling very well.

There seems to be a lot of conflict regarding the new Surface Pro screen (some say 12-inch and others say 14-inch), resolution (some say Quad HD and others say 4K UHD), processor (as mentioned earlier), and even memory (some say the highest-priced version will have 16GB of RAM, while others say 8GB RAM will be the max). One has to wonder if Microsoft would really let Apple take over the hybrid market with the iPad Pro. Let’s hope Microsoft sheds some light into their new Surface Pro really soon.

[Photo by Steve Sands/Getty Images]